7 Relationship Goals for a Happy Married Life – A Quick Win List

Relationship Goals – Accept Your Partner As They Are

Asking someone to change for you is like asking a cat to bark, Your spouse is no exception. The essence of an everlasting Happy Marriage Life would be Understanding the Reality about Marriages and accept your husband or wife as they are, Nothing less and Nothing more.

  • When you start to fed up with your spouse, just stop and Ask a simple question to yourself, “Why it is always your partner’s responsibility to change as you expect. Why don’t you give a try at-least for a change.?
  • Love yourself in such a way that you are responsible for your happiness. Things will tend to change.
  • Stop being adamant that whatever you do is right and remember anything you deem to be right is only right for you and in the same time what you think is right for you may or may not be right for your Spouse.

For a Happy Wedding – Accept and Understand

Accept your spouse as they are

  • Our opinions of others are mostly a result of our own personal judgement. Not adjudging oneself is an inevitable  step towards a successful married life.
  • Simply ask your inner sense, how it would hurt if your husband or wife were judging you and not accepting you? Exploring the perspective of How would you feel? is the key for a Happy relationship.
  • Instead of introspecting why your spouse behavior, choose to focus on what is good about him/her. One great idea is to wisely fulfill yourself for whatever is not great about them (as you think).
  • Start to love your partner simply for being your partner instead of seeing your spouse as your “need-meter.”

Relationship Goals – Learn to apologize

  • Words express best when placed carefully. Write a letter to your spouse to let her/him know, how much they meant to you and ask for forgiveness on what you did.
  • If you have created a mess against your spouse, do not collapse. You can always make amends for a Happy Marriage Life. However, don’t resort for a simple “sorry.” Be creative.
  • When asking for forgiveness, never forget to pep the scene up with a hug, a kiss or even just a warmth of your hand. Believe me, There is great power lies in touch.

For a Happy Marriage – Give Your Ego Up

Learn to apologize to your spouse

  • You cannot put yourself in your spouse’s shoes. Never try and worry.
  • If you feel sorry for whatever happened, think of what it takes to fix it or prevent it from happening again.
  • “I’m sorry, but–”is a lame excuse and just forget it. Seriously, that’s not an apology.
  • Be ready and enthusiastic to open your mind and share your emotions with your spouse. Share your Stress and sorrows about your relationship that may be in your heart.
  • Never forget to make your apology personal, specific, deep, clean and heartfelt. It definitely works.

Relationship Goals – Put her first, then the rest

  • Things were different before marriage. You sought for your parents approval for everything. But never do this after marriage. Otherwise, it means you disrespect your wife.
  • Time to realize that your spouse is the greatest support system for you. Support of your parents and Siblings are nice to have, but at the end, it is your spouse who stands by you every single day.
  • Letting others (Your mom or sister or no one to spare) take charge of your house (unless approved by your spouse) will be disastrous that would eventually bring your marriage to the grave.

For a Lasting Bond – Give her/him the Priority

Put her first and the rest

  • You should start putting your spouse first, so that your better half and your parents will start to realize how crucial is your wedding for you.
  • Setting boundaries for all except your Spouse in a kind and loving way is important. No one stop you from paying a close attention to your parents, and it should be done without killing the spirit of your marriage.
  • The key is that When your husband or wife knows that he or she comes before your parents, it creates a deeper marital bond. A longing Bond.
  • All the time, keep your mate as your at-most priority. Then see, your memories will be sweeter than honey and your relationship will be stronger than a rock.

Relationship Goals – Add Romance

A man arranged a “Treasure hunt” on letting his wife know about the spot that he planed to take her that summer. About 15 days before the travel date, he began to place the curious hints around and He gave clues to her. So that she would follow those hints and collect the treasure placed for her.

Finally, when she placed  all the treasures together, It appeared to be the map of the place that they gonna visit. Then the husband surprisingly revealed the trip and they took off. Needless to say that his wife still remembers that trip.

For A Longing Relationship – Spice it UP

Spice your marriage life up

  • Rather than trying out the same old things, plan something new and magical – Give a break for your partner. Nothing puts your Married Life in heaven than having your special one tend to your gorgeous needs.
  • A Bed Coffee will make your partner feel cherished and the kindness will be returned. Try it.
  • Romance is arguably the greatest way to reduce stress, Makes you feel closer to each other and even get a good night’s sleep.
  • “Surprise each other.” Routines can create such a boredom, and aren’t a big lead for romance. We plan everything  in our lives with priority, why do not do the same for your beloved ones?”
  • Love Unconditionally. The Romance part would be taken care of.

Relationship Goals – Try to be Expressive

  • In general, Women crave empathy and Men crave respect. Put your best efforts to let them know in a way that fulfills your spouse on their terms.
  • If your spouse forgets something, or if he or she craps a moment, don’t make them down. Try to say “It’s alright, honey. I love you and Thank you for your effort.”
  • “Thank You” notes are great leads for Happy Marriages. Really great deals.
  • It is so easy to just reciprocating, but when you take that approach you both definitely gonna lose the race. Try your best to stay put and be the mate that you wanted to be married with.
  • After a while of your wedding, you tend to fix with some usual patterns. You develop expectations that your spouse knows about you and what you prefer. Also start to expect them to interact with you as you will. So, Be out spoken.

For a Happy Marriage – Speak your Heart Up

Express yourself

  • Make it clear to let your spouse know about the things they do that you like! Nothing encourage the patterns that you enjoy than by using positive reinforcement techniques.
  • No matter what, Never Mess With Your Wife.
  • When your expectations are not met, it is so easy to simply plan some “revenge” on your spouse by withdrawing. In  a longer run, its gonna hurt your Marriage Life. Don’t do it ever.
  • Appreciate the care and love that your husband or wife ventured in their day-to-day hazy work.
  • Use different phrases every time. Keep on using “Thank you” looses its charm and meaning after a while.
  • Encourage mentioning about their positives and thank them both in private and public.

Relationship Goals – Ignore, Crap happens at times

  • The key for happiness is to realize Life is a continuous process, and the process takes time. So as the Marriage.
  • Its essentials to choose and keep your focus on the people who stick around rather than the ones who excuse.
  • Keep on asking yourself about the mitigation plans, what you’ll do next, how you’ll continue moving forward with your Marriage saga. This will drive your fearful, gloomy mindset away and develop a proactive, inventive mindset.

For a Peaceful Married Life – Do Compromise with Your Past

For a happy wedding move on

  • Keep telling yourself that you are just another human being. You’re tend to make mistakes; everyone does as well. And you will learn from the mistakes and use those lessons to improve your life.
  • Flush out your past relationship regrets – It’s just a spilled milk, just gone. Shift the focus on your present.
  • Remember – After a storm, there is calm, and eventually the sun shines. Keep remembering that and things will fall in place by itself.

Relationship Goals – Be Creative

  • Be open for ideas for a Happy Married Life. If nothing was found on your own, Steal it from others or Snoop it at the web or whatever .! Nevertheless, The point is – Just be creative.
  • Still no hope .? I beg you to at least Act like being Creative 😉 It brings in a lots of change.

Ideas for life to be happy after marriage


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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