How to get motivated – 8 Proven Rules on Self Motivation

All of us dream big, sometimes really big. But how many of us have the real motivation to attain those dreams or at-least the level of motivation that take us close towards the dream .? What drives the motivation in people .? What is it really takes to motivate oneself and how to motivate yourself.? Let’s discuss some essential concepts of self motivation strategy.

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The path of Self Motivation

Look around. Pay some attention on your neighborhood or friends circle. Pick a few people whom you think really have achieved something in their life. The majority of them would have a few common qualities. Let’s just discuss the same. That means, the path to success is already there, laid by the achievers. You just need to accustom yourself to that path.

Motivate Yourself – The wake up Call

This is one of the most hilarious step. Waking up early from bed. Almost all of us have a habit of sleeping late and hence waking up late. The first thing you need to correct yourself to fit into the path for success is waking up early.Wake up early to get things motivated

I have heard from who used to wake up early that the feeling of watching an early morning sun is exotic. Are you ready to witness .?

Motivate Yourself – The minutes of sweat

Every day make it as a practice to sweat for 30 minutes. It could be a casual walk or a brisk walk or a joyful jog or running like a dog. Nothing matters, you just need to sweat for 30 minutes and get yourself drained.

Motivate Yourself – The elixir called Break Fast

When you started practicing the above 2 things, there gonna be a pinching hunger on your stomach around 8:30 AM. Have variety of fruits what ever you like, but make it Healthy and rich in fiber. You can play around your lunch and dinner but never with break fast.

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Motivate Yourself – The art of maneuvering

A good break fast means a lotLife is not a race. Your legs will never betray you. But you vehicles could. The sense of urgency or thrill that pushes you moving fast could even kill yourself or someone else on the road. So always start a bit early and avoid rash driving. After all, being punctual is an inherent essential value of life.

Motivate Yourself – Dividing the time

In this IT era, people are expected to be in work for almost 10 hours per day, let us think including the travel time. To run our body clock without any disturbance, you need at least 7 hours of sound sleep a day. In the remaining 7 hours, make sure you spend minimum 3 hours exclusively for your family. Talk to your wife or play with your kids or involve in any kind of house hold activities. The point is to hold your relationships firm.

Motivate Yourself – 30 minutes of Nothing

Spend 30 minutes a day alone. Without any disturbance, preferably in little light. Initially, you would see your mind wandering and then it gets used to enjoy the calmness around you. This is not Yoga. But, you can replace this exercise for Yoga or meditation rationally.

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Motivate Yourself – Relive your day

Before you go to bed, just look back your day. Think of things happened. Is there any instance, you lost control or lost temper and look for scopes of Spend at least 3 hrs of your time with your familyimprovements. If the same things happen another day, how you can better handle it .? This process is called mental jogging. Looking back with a new perspective.

Motivate Yourself – Early To Bed

In Siddha medicine, its believed that the time you spend in sleeping before 12 AM is equivalent to sleeping the twice the time after 2 AM. For instance, sleeping from 10 PM to 5 AM would bring you better rest than from 1 AM to 8 AM. As per Siddha, the first pattern brings you the rest equivalent of 2 hours added to the 2nd pattern.

This better explains the importance of going early to bed. Also do remember, before the internet era, our fore fathers used to go to bed around 8 or 9 PM itself. Compare how healthy they were and how we are, you should get the point.


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!



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