An act of Stealing

That was hell of a day, I was trialing my morale against an urge of desire. An object that twists and turns my faithful mind gasping to steal from its proprietor. Yes, it was just in front of me, safely resorted at his hands, tempting my eyes. Part of my mind warned me off my status and the humiliation to face if someone caught me in act, but every inch of my coveted heart pushed me to act. Could not resist any more and already i was laying a plan out.

Started to assess the situation, The caretaker had hold it firm and looked stubborn. Giving careless looks at me, now and then. It’s not going to be easy and am not giving up anyway.

Distraction of the Attention

My first lead was to distract his focus, the age old technique but handy to put forth. Leaving a bait on the way that triggers a urge of covet in opponent’s mind and just then, should extract and escape.

OMG! He is on move, I acted in no time. You wont believe, It was shocking to  see as he never minded of my bait, a twinkling coin that I had left on his way. It was clearly visible under light and even he looked at it for a sec and moved on. He was really immovable and Focused, so what? I had a Plan B.

Method of Temptation


Again another historic technique that goes really well especially with Indians – Tempting the taste buds. You know, we Indians just can’t let that go. I offered one such a bait on the way and waited in hope. Yes, it started to work out. He loosened the grip on my target in temptation of seeing my bait. I acted like a Mamba, got hold of that object and flew from that spot.

The Confessions

I could hear the cry of my victim from hall way. Slowly, I entered my room and locked inside with a bouncing heart. Yes, Now it’s only me and the object, a ‘kinder joy’ chocolate that i just stole from my kid, little Abhinav. Worth to mention, i did it without grabbing my wife’s attention. Whatsoever, You know what, It tastes like a heaven. Period..

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