Does your Kid have ADHD .? Then, you must be knowing this ..!

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is often misinterpreted as a disease. Then what is actually ADHD .? Is there any best practices to treat the ADHD kids in home .? What is the part of the Parents in naturally recovering their ADHD kids .? Let’s eee.

Express Your Love

Hug them at their Bad Times

Everyone encourage their kids when they do something new or something great or something worth to mention. But what happens when they loose or fail in attempting something .? Encouraging words and friendly gestures at their odds and downs of a ADHD kid is vital than anything else.

Be Expressive

You can very well be an introvert by nature. Nothing harm about that when you are with your colleagues or friends who are matured enough to understand the person who you are. But, never expect the same from your kid with ADHD. They are too little and incapable to understand your mind when you hide the fact how do you feel about them.

Love Surprises

Don’t be a regular Mom or Dad. Pull surprises on your wards. You have a lots of channels to get yourself entertained as an adult. But for a ADHD kid .? They are mainly depending on their parents.

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adhd symptoms in children
I experimented the following : One day I bought a chocolate bar for Rs.25 and when reaching home, I gave that to my kid who was on sofa watching some cartoon channel.
He ate it quite silently without even moving his eyes from the program. The next day, I bought a small bar of chocolate and when reaching home, hid it inside refrigerator near water bottle. I casually sat next to my kid and requested him to bring me the water bottle. He was really surprised to see the chocolate next to the bottle and came running in excitement.

The point is that the cost is immaterial as long as it does pull the element of surprise.

Be a part of their world

Listen To Them

Parents are more educated and experienced than their kids and obviously you know what is best for your kids too. Done, Accepted. It does not mean that you can turn your kid’s opinion or idea down just like that. Considering the fact that they are in a stage of mental nurturing, any such blunt behavior would stop them raise their voice even if they have something worth to share.

Appreciate them

Appreciation is a moral boosting technique even for adults, no need to say about the young ones with ADHD. Parents often look at things with their perspective and rejecting little accomplishments of their kids. This is only gonna kindle the ADHD behavior of your kid and stop them from trying something new just for the fact that it deserved no appreciation in the past. No matter what, when your kid shows you off something (might be a drawing or caricature .. etc), never overlook, try to show your excitement.

Live their dreams

In my experience, majority of the adults run behind money and success. What about their kids .? What makes them really happy .? Its the parent’s duty to figure that out as there is no such way to answer this question universally. Try to put yourself in the shoes of your kid with ADHD. Then see, how they get close to you naturally.

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Create a Reward System

Nothing helps on a consistent ideal behavior than a Reward. There are certain things that you should make your ADHD kid aware of. Whats the point in stating the rules after the game .?attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

  • Whenever you take your kid to a new place, discuss with him about the basic manners to be followed there and promise him of a small treat – even a chocolate or ice cream would do.
  • If he behaves than you expected, warn him gently and remind him the manners.
  • If still no success, take him back home and withdraw your promise.

Be Consistent

This reward or retrieve system works well as long as you live up to it. Once a particular issue disappears, then target on something new in the same manner. Make sure to set the goals realistic and smart.

Let him sweat

One of the biggest mistake every parent commit with their ADHD children is to keep them in comfort zone, all the time. An ADHD kid has all the rights to live as any other kid. He needs to run, play, blabber, bite .. whatever he is expected to do of his age.

Let the kid sweat

Find outlets for his excess energy like any coaching for a game or swimming classes. Let no energy left in him and let him exhaust.

Do you know .? One of the most threatening problem of our new age kids is obesity. Lets not give that a chance.

Control Your Emotions

Get Prepared for the worst

No one wins or succeeds in everything they attempt. No one behaves same in every situation. Your ADHD impacted kids too. Don’t create a template behavior for your kid to follow. Its not going to work out. Teach them the best and give them the time to exercise. Let the ADHD kid grow, day by day. One off day should be okay and to be accepted by you.

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ADHD kids love to playLead as an Example

You are the Role model for your kids. They see you and learn from you. They observe you all the time even without you noticing it. Teaching a value system to your kid and breaking it by yourself is the most spoiling thing that you can do to your ADHD kid. Follow what they were taught by you otherwise Teach only what you can follow.

Breath Deep

Don’t take all the bad experiences (caused by your kid) to your head. There is no room for panic or tension. Relax and Breath deep. Let the stress get away and think how you can help the ADHD behavior to improve. Nothing more and nothing less.

Positive Reinforcement

Show your feelings

Unexpressed gratitude shows ingratitude. This is same with your feelings as well. The biggest mistake that most of the parents do in countries like India is even though they think their kids are their world, they never express it and hence the kids never know that.

In developed countries people used to say I love you to their kids as a formal procedural template – once a day or twice. Do you think this template make any sense to the ADHD kid after a while .?

Whats the point in complaining your kid about their responsiveness at a later point of time where as you had not made them realize of your true care and love .?

No Negative judgement

ADHD kids are at times behave weird. That’s not intentional but that’s the way they are. Its the responsibility of the parents to understand and accustomed with them for betterment.

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Never Get Angry with your ADHD kid

Keep them improving

Give the ADHD types a sufficient room and time. Don’t force them to do things in a hurry and never get carried away with the improper suggestions by your community. Let them improve in their own, you just need to aid them.

Positive Parenting

Spend time with them

Be part of the game. Don’t stay away and dictate a ADHD kid. They need to feel that you are a part of their world. They should feel that you share and care for them. Let the bond go firm and see, things will change tremendously.

Set Firm realistic Rules

Setting rules for a kid and expect them to be followed is fine. But the challenge is if the question is realistic and smart. Set proper rules and be firm with them. Because, once the set rule is compromised, kids are never gonna follow any such rule in the future.

Continuous Motivation

Motivation helps nothing but the most in the course of ADHD conditional betterment. Motivate the ADHD kids to try or do something new day by day. Encourage them to go beyond their fore set limits. Again, Motivation is the key for all the magic.

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Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!



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