Relationship Goals – Be Right There

Relationship Goals – Friends Forever He was about 22, charm, mannered and a social butterfly. Life was so amazing with lots of friends and engagement. He had a few relationships (of-course one at a time) and had come across so many girls. Even some were really interested on him, he was clear in one thing – Just

Why did I Slap that Girl?

Without knowing the fact that i was gonna slap a girl hardly right on her face in about 40 minutes, We had just reached the Thirupathi railway station. We had arrived 55 mins earlier than the scheduled departure of Sapthagiri Express. We were so contended that we had an excellent dharshan of

An act of Stealing

That was hell of a day, I was trialing my morale against an urge of desire. An object that twists and turns my faithful mind gasping to steal from its proprietor. Yes, it was just in front of me, safely resorted at his hands, tempting my eyes. Part of my mind warned