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Meet the Man who cured OCD with a Gun Shot

Mr.Martin developed a medical condition which is quite difficult to comprehend for a typical Indian, the so called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In fact, His OCD findings were noted under not widely seen category. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly, perform certain routines repeatedly, or

Relationship Goals – Gone Are Those Days

Relationship Goals – Fall in Love One More Time Please quit reading this article right away, If You have no past / present experience in love or if you are damn sure of loving none in the near future or if you are a person who laughs at people in love You are part of the crowd who had turned

A Helping Hand and A Help in Need

This is a real story, How a simple mindful initiative can boost someone’s self confidence and motivation to get hold off things that were really slipping out if his away – a helping hand met a help in need. A Principle for life : I had just got shifted to that new premise. Myself and my wife were busy

Relationship Goals – An Indian Marriage Saga

If you ask some one, “Why people marry?”, I bet the most would reply with a sequence of things like the one I faced and shared below. Let me guide you through my marriage scenario and How literally I was threatened to Marry – at least for the benefit of you and our society. Happy Marriages Are Not Just

The Mystery Man

Though I had learnt astrology is based on some science concepts, I had never believed on people who claim themselves as predictors of future. Well, until April 19th 2003, 1:45 PM, Until i met that Mystery Man. The Mystery in Our Way : Myself and 2 of my classmates were camped at Thanjavur, to attend coaching classes for

An act of Stealing

That was hell of a day, I was trialing my morale against an urge of desire. An object that twists and turns my faithful mind gasping to steal from its proprietor. Yes, it was just in front of me, safely resorted at his hands, tempting my eyes. Part of my mind warned me off my status and

Dare to ‘Go Cashless’

If you had not come across the term ‘Go Cashless’ – A brand new marketing mantra, spread over every medium that human know so far, am sure of 2 things,  You are lucky You definitely deserve a spot in History. I definitely appreciate and myself a big fan of card payments whenever there is an option. Also no

My Die Hard Race for Ration

      I was not aware what was waiting for me when my wife shook me up from Bed. Alarmed that one of her friend who got married after us got a Ration Card alias Family Card. I sluggishly asked “so what? We are not BPL, let the needy have it”. Apparently she was not

Relationship Goals – Never Mess With Your Wife

 One day or another these 7 Rules for a successful marriage might prove Life Saver for any men. No matter, If you are in a relationship or already married or any intention of getting into a relationship, This is for You. Relationship Goals – Wife’s Kitchen        In a sense, men could be considered as the