A Holistic Adventure

It was 02:00 PM. I was taking bath when someone knocked the door. “Who’s that?”. “A Holistic adventure is waiting, are you in?”, mimicked the voice. It was Abhinav, if he calls something an adventure, he really means it. “Well, OK. When?”. “At 6 PM, Its Velliangiri Hills”, He moved away ignoring my exclamation, “we..?”.

The Mystery Man

Though I had learnt astrology is based on some science concepts, I had never believed on people who claim themselves as predictors of future. Well, until April 19th 2003, 1:45 PM, Until i met that Mystery Man. The Mystery in Our Way : Myself and 2 of my classmates were camped at Thanjavur,

Dancing in the rain

Have you ever looked at the sky when it’s drizzling? No..? My goodness, that means, You missed a moment of ultimate Bliss. The following incident was from my childhood memories and How great it was to be a kid? A Blissful Rainy Day : September, 1994 When I reached our balcony,

Dare to ‘Go Cashless’

If you had not come across the term ‘Go Cashless’ – A brand new marketing mantra, spread over every medium that human know so far, am sure of 2 things,  You are lucky You definitely deserve a spot in History. I definitely appreciate and myself a big fan of card payments whenever there