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A “Royale” Solution for “Atmos” Pollution

Do you know .? Your HOME conceals a lethal weapon in every corners and ready to take you down ., sooner or later. You often miss to feel the threat yourself or at the eyes of your loved ones. Before you consolidate the events ., before you comprehend what you are up to ., before

Meet the Man who cured OCD with a Gun Shot

Mr.Martin developed a medical condition which is quite difficult to comprehend for a typical Indian, the so called Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. In fact, His OCD findings were noted under not widely seen category. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a mental disorder where people feel the need to check things repeatedly, perform certain routines repeatedly, or

How to get motivated – 8 Proven Rules on Self Motivation

All of us dream big, sometimes really big. But how many of us have the real motivation to attain those dreams or at-least the level of motivation that take us close towards the dream .? What drives the motivation in people .? What is it really takes to motivate oneself and how to motivate yourself.? Let’s discuss

Bleeding Blue – Sachin Tendulkar in Action

Anything for Sachin : With the burning eyes of late-night sleep. Grabbed the ringing phone lazily, it was Amir, one of my close friend. He did not even allowed me to say Hello, “Hey, We gonna see the God (Sachin Tendulkar). World Cup League Match – India vs South Africa, Nagpur cricket stadium, coming Saturday. Bye”, the phone went

A Helping Hand and A Help in Need

This is a real story, How a simple mindful initiative can boost someone’s self confidence and motivation to get hold off things that were really slipping out if his away – a helping hand met a help in need. A Principle for life : I had just got shifted to that new premise. Myself and my wife were busy

A Holistic Adventure

It was 02:00 PM. I was taking bath when someone knocked the door. “Who’s that?”. “A Holistic adventure is waiting, are you in?”, mimicked the voice. It was Abhinav, if he calls something an adventure, he really means it. “Well, OK. When?”. “At 6 PM, Its Velliangiri Hills”, He moved away ignoring my exclamation, “we..?”. If you do not know

The Mystery Man

Though I had learnt astrology is based on some science concepts, I had never believed on people who claim themselves as predictors of future. Well, until April 19th 2003, 1:45 PM, Until i met that Mystery Man. The Mystery in Our Way : Myself and 2 of my classmates were camped at Thanjavur, to attend coaching classes for

Dancing in the rain

Have you ever looked at the sky when it’s drizzling? No..? My goodness, that means, You missed a moment of ultimate Bliss. The following incident was from my childhood memories and How great it was to be a kid? A Blissful Rainy Day : September, 1994 When I reached our balcony, my brother was already there,