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Dare to ‘Go Cashless’

If you had not come across the term ‘Go Cashless’ – A brand new marketing mantra, spread over every medium that human know so far, am sure of 2 things,  You are lucky You definitely deserve a spot in History. I definitely appreciate and myself a big fan of card payments whenever there is an option. Also no

My Die Hard Race for Ration

      I was not aware what was waiting for me when my wife shook me up from Bed. Alarmed that one of her friend who got married after us got a Ration Card alias Family Card. I sluggishly asked “so what? We are not BPL, let the needy have it”. Apparently she was not

Art of Buying an Used Car in India

One should be really courageous to get succeed in buying a Second hand vehicle / User Car, as almost the whole society is gonna stand against your decision. But, Does It ever mean the decision is Unfair.? Certainly Not. The Myths about buying an secondhand Car: When i first disclosed my decision of going for a Used

Parenting – The Indian Way

Do you wonder if your parents behave abnormal?, Don’t worry, You are not alone. Responsibility or Abnormality: They fell loose and threatened when it comes to their kid’s future. Of-course, This is a big responsibility, Isn’t it? But this responsibility, twisted by the future’s uncertainty, catalyzed by social fraternity, in due course, transformed into a state