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Relationship Goals – Be Right There

Relationship Goals – Friends Forever He was about 22, charm, mannered and a social butterfly. Life was so amazing with lots of friends and engagement. He had a few relationships (of-course one at a time) and had come across so many girls. Even some were really interested on him, he was clear in one thing – Just friends, Nothing more than that. He

Relationship Goals – An Indian Marriage Saga

If you ask some one, “Why people marry?”, I bet the most would reply with a sequence of things like the one I faced and shared below. Let me guide you through my marriage scenario and How literally I was threatened to Marry – at least for the benefit of you and our society. Happy Marriages Are Not Just

Relationship Goals – Humanity Restore – The Water Man

Relationship Goals – The Helpless Poverty: It was almost 10 PM when i was shouting at him over phone. “Listen, i told you yesterday itself, still you haven’t delivered the water bottles.”, Didn’t allow him to respond. “Do you think i have no other job than calling you for your useless service. See, at any cost i need the cans

Relationship Goals – Never Mess With Your Wife

 One day or another these 7 Rules for a successful marriage might prove Life Saver for any men. No matter, If you are in a relationship or already married or any intention of getting into a relationship, This is for You. Relationship Goals – Wife’s Kitchen        In a sense, men could be considered as the

Parenting – The Indian Way

Do you wonder if your parents behave abnormal?, Don’t worry, You are not alone. Responsibility or Abnormality: They fell loose and threatened when it comes to their kid’s future. Of-course, This is a big responsibility, Isn’t it? But this responsibility, twisted by the future’s uncertainty, catalyzed by social fraternity, in due course, transformed into a state