Category: Poetry

Poem – Starting My Day, Chanting Your Name

The protagonist expresses his joy of Starting His day by Chanting his lady Love’s Name. The Lover boy here is flooded with Love. Anytime and every time he used to enchant the name of his Love like a Bible Verse. Right from the morning he wakes up till the night he fall asleep, he thinks only about

Poem – Thee Change My Seasons

The Protagonist adores how his love changes the Season around him just by her mere expressions. Here the Lover adores the beautiful super cute expressions of his love. He portrays that whenever she got angry at him, he used to feel the heat of summer. Whenever she touches him, feels the chillness of Winter and so on. Definitely

Poem – An Indian Woman

Portrayal of a poor Indian Woman who had been misused at every stage of her Life either by her own Family and by the Society that claims the highest standard of livelihood for Women. We always claim that the women are like our eyes. But what really happens in the day to day life of our woman. In every

Poem – Rainbow of My Lonely Sky

The Protagonist compares the Virtues of his Love against the Colors of a Mesmerizing Rainbow that appears on a Blissful Rainy Evening. The sky is colorful not because of a natural cause, just because of his Love. When ever she feels happy, It spreads the Green. When she giggles – Its Blue out there. At anger, its

Poem – Without You My Love

The protagonist declares how he feels, without having his love around. The Boy in this depiction is sincerely in love with his girl fried. He finds it so difficult even to spend a single minute without seeing the gorgeous face of his Angel of Love. He feels the heat and encounters sleepless nights. Also he dwells in sorrow as the lovers were kept

Poem – The Fragrance of My Love

The protagonist manifests that the Sole Reason for His Existence is His Love. Some people are mad in Love, But the guy in love here is little more than that. He adores his angel of love no less than the goddess whom he worship every day. Also he declares that the reason of his survival and the

Poem – Miss You My Love

The protagonist gushes his anguish out as the cruel Fate keeps the Couple in Love apart.  Love is not only a source of rejoice. At times, Love shows its off side and instills a piercing pain in the hearts of its beholders. The Lover boy who becomes the victim here is in such a state of agony.

Poem – Have Me Forever

The protagonist pleads his Love for a boon of surrendering himself Forever to her. The Lover in this depiction finds himself missing at a point of time. Further he finds himself somewhere amidst of the talkative eyes and the Rosy Lips of his angel of Love. He has no mind to resist his flooding emotions of

Poem – A Poor Indian Farmer

This Poem Portrays the Struggles of a Indian Farmer and the state of farming in the country. Beautifully describes How difficult it is for any farmer to farm right from the seeding to the harvesting. Also it touches upon the typical Middlemen who use their buying power to humiliate and push those poor farmers to their end. Seeded

Poem – The Gorgeous You

The protagonist accuses his Love off a Sweet Blame that She is too beautiful not to get reminded off her. The boy in love loves his lady by heart and soul. He literally observes her everywhere – Every living thing and in the same time every lifeless object that is a piece of beautiful art