Lady with a vengeance

Story – The Double Take

Roopa is a young and beautiful lady at her late 20’s who was accused of Prostitution by a super rich Business Man Shasi. Roopa had actually joined Shasi as his Personal Secretary 3 months ago. Shasi misused her and thrown out of the Job. When Roopa lodged a police complaint, Shasi turned the

Story – The Betrayal

Solar energy professor Ms.Sagunthala reaches Delhi to attend an international seminar. In her hotel room, she is threatened and sedated, hence she fails to attend the seminar. As a twist she was sedated by none other than the state’s intelligence agency based on a secret information that she gonna sell the secret of

Story – The Infinite Loop

Renuka an orthodox, Gentle and Very good looking lady, elder daughter of a school head master was married to Bharathram, the only son of a rich lawyer. Bharathram himself a lawyer who is ready to do anything for money. Bharathram’s parents actually visit Renuka’s house to ask her for their Gumastha’s Son who was

Story – Showers of Love

Two close friends, Anand and Sundar are at their final year of Post graduation. Anand is a passionate singer and fall in love with a beautiful girl Akila whom he meets at a inter college competition. Sundar helps Anand to collect details about Akila and informs that she is a only daughter of a

Story – The Web

Vignesh, a technical geek, newly married, Working in Atomic Research Center located in New Delhi. He is in a very responsible post and only in-charge of controlled atomic emissions sector of the Center and hence he has the Key to initiate and execute the controlled atomic sequences in lab environment which otherwise may create a nuclear calamity. A anti

Story – High Tides

A top class Business Man, Deenadhayal is warned by his family astrologer that he has bad signs which can only be cured by marrying a pure woman and terminate her on the same day and do some poojas with the ash. His father is a blind follower of such things and urges his

Story – Agalya

All starts with a meeting at Commissioner’s office discussing on a priority issue – A poster printed with the text “Will Agalya be alive?” been pasted all over the City. Search begins to trace’ “Who is Agalya.? and What is the knot behind.?” Same time a few demands received by a

Story – My Game and My Rules

The Game Begun The School The Name board was clearly legible at-least a 50 meters away from the Gate, “Government Higher Secondary School, Akkur.”. A funny combination of white letters running on a Blue background. Mounted between two concrete pillars, on top of that giant old creepy entrance gate. It