Parenting – The Indian Way

Do you wonder if your parents behave abnormal?, Don’t worry, You are not alone.

Responsibility or Abnormality:

They fell loose and threatened when it comes to their kid’s future. Of-course, This is a big responsibility, Isn’t it? But this responsibility, twisted by the future’s uncertainty, catalyzed by social fraternity, in due course, transformed into a state of absolute frustration. This is the moment, the problem begins. This frustration ends up in setting a few pretty hard targets for their kids – “Ranks and Marks”.  Indian Parents strongly believe, these targets would seal and secure the kid’s future. Sadly, these targets are revised quite frequently than Indian fuel prices which dismay their kid like Ganguly facing the Brutal Akhtar.

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Indian Kids are afraid like Ganguly Facing Akhthar

Indian Kids scream in pressure, looking for escape, even a top end rice cooker would have given up. A friend of mine had the same issue. He was doing average with his studies, which was not enough for his father. Combined studies, Focus on easy to score areas., Nothing worked out. Though he had some exceptional artistic skills, For his Dad, Engineering or Doctor are the only Professions worth taking up.

A typical Indian Father:

We felt pity and tried to help him. Told him about Bill Gates and his success against the fact that he was a High School drop out. Just asked him to talk to his Dad about such exceptional beings who were neither Engineers nor Doctors.

The Passive Aggressive Battlefield

He came next day with jaws drooped and enacted what happened.

Son : Dad, you know, Bill Gates ..?
Dad : Huh .. Hollywood Hero .?
Son : No, He is a Billionaire who never completed his schooling.
Dad : !!!
Son : He just followed his passion and succeeded, dad.
Dad : Will you be a bit precise, Son?
Son : Well, I mean, Not only the degrees, your Passions also help you achieve big. Isn’t it Dad?
Dad : Oh no. For God’s sake, Don’t refer to these people of Foreign origin. We are different,
Son : But Dad ..
Dad : Ok, forget it. Bring your progress report ..
Son : !!!

Never Give Up :

I was really concerned to hear that. What..? My god, Does that really matters ..? Well, I thought, we had to sort this out even better. We got a few good Local examples from Internet. Sort of regained our confidence and the sense of making his Dad clueless was exhilarating.

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Dad : What are you doing here at Study Time ..?
Son : Dad, I have something to Share with you ..
Dad : Oh no. I don’t have time.
Son : Dad ..! ??
Dad : Well, Come over.
Son : You know Sachin Tendulkar ..?
Dad : Come on Son. I know .. He born with such a wonderful Skill, Don’t even compare, huh.
Son : !!! ohhh .. Well .. What about Mr.A who is a Big local Businessman..
Dad : He born with a Silver Spoon. We are different.
Son : Dad .. What about Mr.B who never been with any such privileges?
Dad : Exceptions are not examples., My son.
Son : Dad .. Please, Don’t do this to me ..
Dad : Son, I know you well. And am very sure, What will do good for your future.
Son :
Dad : Its nothing but your Studies. Plz stop these silly attempts and focus on your preparation.
Son :
Dad : Better cut those Friends, I feel like they don’t suit you.

Clueless Indian Kids :

Indeed, We were clueless – hearing him in disbelief. The last line was really shocking. Well, We reconsidered further attempts as it seemed a potential concern to our friendship. Indeed. It was a great lesson and we kind of understood one ultimate Truth. There are a few things in this world, only God can sort out, No wonder, If Indian Parents Top that list.

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