Poem – Come Fly With Me

The protagonist seeks a boon from his Angel of love to grace her soulful deeds to live his life in an eternal way.

He wanted to fly with her on the boundless space with a sparkling Love. He wanted to float with her dreams by means of a vibrant love across the Oceans. He wanna quench his thirst with her lovely lips to sail through the deserts. He asks her smile to pace him up through the hurdles of life. He wanna live a life of eternity with her divine love. Last, but not the least, an plea for her to stay with him for all the rebirths to come.

On the boundless space ..,
By the sparkling love ..,
I seek your hands ..,
To fly with me ..!

You are My Everything

Across the bluish ocean ..,
By the vibrant love ..,
I seek your dreams ..,
To float with me ..!

On the endless desert ..,
By the moist of love ..,
I seek your lips ..,
To quench my thirst ..!

The Fragrance of My Love

On the denser wild ..,
By the enlightened love ..,
I seek your smile ..,
To boost my Pace ..!

On the hilly road ..,
By the drive of love ..,
I seek your heart ..,
To lead my Way..!

Castings Of Our Souls

For the rebirths to come ..,
By the holy love ..,
I seek your wish ..,
To be with me ..!

Will You ..?

An Ecstasy in the form of Art – “Bleed and Breath Love”  Series :

Bless Me My Love



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