Gifted Children with Highest IQ – A Bless or A Curse .?

Almost all of us wish our Kids to have the gift of Highest IQ. Do you know, having Highest IQ is like a double edged sword.? Are you aware of the signs of gifted child? Have you ever imagined, Highest IQ levels might harm your kid’s personality .? Do you know, Gifted children with Highest IQ are most likely to have adjustment problems throughout their lives. Do you know, How to identify and address the issues of High IQ kids .? Let’s discuss.

Researches highlight that today’s educational system fails to capture the issues of children with highest IQ and hence those problems are no longer addressed or discussed in schools where the children spend most of their productive hours. Nevertheless, those problems are widely observed by researchers and classified under 5 major categories based on Adjustment issues. They are applicable to all levels of gifted children and most exclusive to the exceptionally gifted – those with childhood IQ levels above 170, or adult Concept Mastery test scores above 155.

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Is my child gifted ? signs of gifted child

  1. Loosing Focus over time
  2. Uncommon Versatility
  3. Intolerance towards Peers who have Low IQ
  4. Getting Themselves Isolated
  5. Negative Suggestibility

Gifted children go isolated


Loosing Focus over time

Foremost problem of gifted children is that they loose focus on any subject over a prolonged periods of time. Basically they are quick learners and even complex math equations are a piece of cake for them. How this issue begins.? When the gifted children with highest IQ reach the school and placed among the average students, they are forced to learn in the normal phase of our education system which is par below their capacity. Hence, they start to being idle most of the time or begins to daydream most of their time in school. Basically the High IQ kids never receive a genuine challenge for their gifted IQ level in school that eventually results in abnormal behavior in school.

Children with IQ levels up to 150 does things pretty well in school. They score high marks without any serious efforts. Also they get along with other kids very well. But gifted children above this IQ levels are seeing the school as a worst boring place where they perceive nothing challenging. Hence they start to hate the school environment and they show general dislike towards the education system that they are put up. This prevailing situation in school is really dangerous when there is no proper supervision and also without having the sympathetic teachers. At times this situations leads the gifted children with highest IQ towards absenteeism.

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Abnormal Versatility

Another major observation on such gifted kids  with Highest IQ is related to their extravagant versatility. They have the ability and the capacity to taste high success in so many areas. But the problem is they often find it very difficult in confining themselves to those wide scope of activities. When they are forced to perform all of them, they loose focus over such a long list of activities or assignments in such a way nothing can be completed or finished to perfection. Nevertheless, the key resources such as time and space are limited for the gifted too and sadly, they live less longer than the normal fellow personalities. A choice must be made among the numerous possibilities, since modern life calls for specialization.

Problems of gifted children with High IQ

Intolerance towards Peers who have Low IQ

A key learning that the gifted children with highest IQ never learn, almost till end of their lives is that the fellow human beings in their society are basically very different from themselves in thought, in action, in general intention, and in interests. Many a reformers has lost their lives at the hands of cruel mob which he was trying to improve in the belief that every other human beings can and should enjoy the wisdom of thoughts that he enjoys. This is the most painful and difficult lesson that each high IQ child must learn. This essential learning most important for them than any other subjects that he mastered. Unless they learn to ignore the inabilities of their peers, they would possibly end up in bitterness, disillusionment and misanthropy.

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Getting Themselves Isolated

This situation arises when the kid is having the gift of Highest IQ. Since they are highly intelligent and they see no one else in their level at least not even closer.

The majority of children between 130 and 150 of IQ score find fairly easy adjustment, because they find almost most of the children in their proximity are like-minded children and also tend to be located in the same schools and districts. Another concern is that they are physically gigantic than the other children of their age. He get a chance of acceptance as playmates a year or two older children. The real issues emerges when the when a child is above 160 IQ level. When it goes beyond the levels of 180 or 190 IQ, the problem of friendships is gets almost impossible. Also the younger the person the more difficult it gets. When the child grows these problems decrease as they naturally reach out on their own initiative groups who are like-minded, such as learned societies. The point is that the Gifted children with highest IQ do not choose isolation, but they are forced into it.

These superior children are not unfriendly, never at all. Their efforts towards mingling with the normal kids are defeated by the reality. Other children often stay away from these children and do not share their wishes, vocabulary, or their interests. They try their level best and indeed give up the struggle and start to play alone, live alone. Hence these solitary activities become habits. You can personally witness that that many highly intellectual adults are shy, reserved and unmindful of human relationships and uncomfortable in social bonding.

Gifted children cant mingle with normal kids

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Negative Suggestibility

The high IQ kids easily perceive the issues of their chargers. They turn  rebellious against all authority and fall into a condition of negative suggestibility which is considered to be a most unfortunate form of personality. Hence they settle with uncooperative attitude towards authority. He is considered to a improper fit to any group or society. The gifted are not likely to fall victims to positive suggestion but many of them develop negativism to a larger extent.

Identifying Gifted Children

Optimum adjustment range

When psychologists around the world observed the gifted kids with highest IQ, they found a range of IQ score that helps those kids to develop successful and  well-rounded personality. This limited range appears to be somewhere between 125 and 155 IQ. Children and adolescents in this area are enough more intelligent than the average people around them. They gain other’s confidence in large numbers. They grow as great leaders, and manage their own lives with greater efficiency. They tend to be with high esteem and understanding in nature.

But, other side of the spectrum have surprises. The rest who have IQ levels above 170 are too intelligent to be understood by the general people with whom they make contact. They fall short in finding congenial companions. They have to contend with loneliness and personal isolation and every other issues that we discussed above throughout the period of their immaturity.

Issues of High IQ kids

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Optimum communication range

Observations around the globe declares that there is a direct link between the intelligence of the leader and that of the led. To be a leader of a group of followers a child must be more intelligent but not too much more intelligent. The communication between the Leader and the Led vanish in misunderstanding or incapable to understand. In general, a leadership pattern will not emerge or it will break up when there is a discrepancy of more than ~30 points of IQ exist between leader and that of led. Hence the leader supposed to be of Highest IQ only when the led are of High IQ.

Understanding the High IQ Smarties is the foremost step in showing them the right path .!


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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