Google not showing ads on few pages of my site – AdSense Stop Words Mystery Resolved

This post is an attempt to address and resolve the issues related to Adsense Ads Not Showing Up on a few pages in a website where as the rest of the pages in the same website are receiving and showing Adsense Ads just fine. This is also called as the Mystery of Adsense Stop Words OR SEO Stop Words.

Prerequisites of this Post :

  • You have an active Adsense Account.
    • Make sure to login and ensure if you account is still part of Adsense program.

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  • You have placed the generated Adsense Advertisement codes wisely in your website.

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If yes for both, Lets all set to go further.

My Adsense Not Showing Ads in a few pages ?

Doubt why adsense ads are not showing up in some pages

One of the major queries we face are related to Adsense Ads are only showing up partially. That means, A part of the website or A Page or A particular Post alone not receiving or displaying the Google Ads. In the same time, the rest of their Website contents showed Ads without any issues.

For instance, I myself have faced this issue in the beginning of my career and You know – The Issue is almost resolved now with little or more deterministic effort from user’s end.

Why Google Adsense Ads are not showing up in a few pages / Posts ?

As you know, One of the main objective of Google’s Adsense program is quite evidently, to protect the Advertiser’s brand, reputation and Trust. This is one of the main reason Adsense is the most preferred Ad Network among the Advertisers. So how Google protects the Advertiser’s brand name and Trust?

Consider a case :

Publisher A is owning an excellent website where he shows Adsense Advertisements. The website is all about Children and Young Parents. So by filtering the keywords, Web crawlers understand what the website is all about and start to show Ads of a infamous Infant nourishment product for sales. Mr. A happens to write an article about young parents who are living separately. In that post, Knowingly or Unknowingly he mentions a few facts, incidents and Opinions which are no way socially acceptable or not advisable to discuss in public.

Ads denied by Adsense for improper content

Now think if the same Reputed Brand’s Ad is shown in this post as done in the rest of the website, What would happen when a reader goes through this content? It would negatively impact the brand as people are tend to relate the Advertiser as an sponsor of that page and the improper content in has. Isn’t it?

So, what is the better way to handle this situation?

The Web crawlers decode those contents in advance when they get a Ad request and Flag the Page RED. Hence, no ads are pushed by Adsense to display on that page. That is, Ad request from that particular page is denied. Resulting in an issue “Google AdSense not showing ads on few pages of my site”.

The moral of the story :
If Ads are not showing up in a particular post or page, that means, Web Crawlers have flagged that Page RED for improper content.

Adsense / SEO Stop Words :

We saw earlier that the Web crawlers decode the contents and Flag RED if there is anything unacceptable. How an automated program or a Robot can do this? What could be the Source for them to interpret if the content is Abusive or Offensive? How it does all these flagging stuffs ?

Adsense Stop Words

Well, The answer is simple : Keywords.

They have classified that certain keywords are potentially unsafe and rude to be used in a content. But the question is How one can completely avoid those words if one such word is an essential element of an excellent Social write up ?

So the answer is : Keywords are added with certain weight-age based on their severity.

How the Adsense Stop Words logic might work ?

Crawlers read the Keywords and fixes them in context as best as they can. In case of any content violation, they pick that particular keyword up and assumes its weight-age. Also It starts to sum up such problematic keywords in that page along with the weight-age of them. When the cumulative weight-age of those keywords exceed a certain threshold – then the Page is Flagged RED.

Ads are served or blocked based on keywords

How to get the Ads showing up in the Adsense Stopped Pages or Posts?

There is only one way to go :

  • Remove those offensive contents without disturbing the post’s bottom line.
  • Hence the cumulative stop score reduces and falls below the threshold with repeated such corrective attempts.

Its not always guaranteed that the Ads will resume by itself once you removed such content. Because, at times, that particular URL can be flagged permanently based on the severity of content violation before. So once clearing the contents for safety, one might need to rename the URL in order to get evaluated by the crawler once again and further to get the Ads back.

What are all Potentially SEO Stop words or Potential Adsense Stop Words ?

Adsense Stop Words - New enhanced List

A few Adsense Stop Word Examples :

Case 1 :
I still could not figure out what’s wrong with the following lines to get flagged RED, But It is.

The protagonist wonders how the whole world has transformed into a Beautiful Place all of a sudden. That too at once he started to Love an Angel. He understands that his way of pursuing things has turned out to be beautiful with his Love. Hence. he seeks his Love for being together to transform his world forever beautiful.

Case 2 :
This is going to be fun. I had used the following sentence to link my successive Post with the previous Post. It triggered a RED Flag.

” Yet another Mind blowing piece of Poetry – Just for You “

Case 3 :
Please tell me your experiences.

Quick win Guide for getting Ads back on a Adsense Stopped Page or Post :

Once you published your article, if you happen to see empty spaces OR Public Service Ads, then be assured that your content is flagged RED.

So what to do now? Come, Lets explore.

Adsense stop words mystery resolved

Key Notes :

  • Whenever you perform any corrective actions at any step – Just Save and Refresh your browser to ensure if the Ads are back.
  • Even if the Ads stared to show up – Refresh twice or Thrice and Ensure the same.
    • Sometimes with the 2nd refresh, Ads might disappear again.

Most Likely Cases of Ads Retrieval:

  1. Read your content once again slowly to see if any part sounds Abusive. Correct any such.
  2. Compare against the List of Adsense Stop Words given above and Try to remove any such usage without hurting your theme.
  3. Check for the Image Titles and Alt Texts too for any such words.
  4. Look at the Title and URL, if something went messy.
  5. Change your URL and Try your luck.

Complicated Cases of Ads Retrieval :

If the aforesaid 3 steps did not give the intended results, then be ready for a mess. Ok, relax as we have a solution for that too.

  1. Remove the portion of your content from top and see if the Ads are showing up.
  2. Repeat the same for every portion of your content and see if the Ads are showing up.

I accept this is something a pain in *ss but nothing else would help as you have written such a fantastic content. 😉 Nevertheless, This way you will surely end up figuring out the portion that’s exactly locks horn with Adsense Ads Push.

  1. Go through that portion more intuitively and look for any negative vibrations.
  2. Think of rewriting that portion with different choice of words.
  3. Try whatever you can and get it fixed.
  4. Well done. You are now good to go.

Disclaimer : I had faced a few Users who were never ready to compromise on their content for the sake of showing Ads. Well, I appreciate their passion and Cool Cool. They too have an option of showing up Backup Ads rather than getting an empty box.

The Key Take Away :

seo is a war against robot not against human

Web crawlers are basically Robots and Automated programs, not the real human beings to substantially understand the content and Its meaning with Context to decide upon (Though they are claimed to be). So there are chances of getting flagged wrongly or by mistake. In that case, How to get out of that False Flagging by Web Crawlers?

Guess, You know the answer already.


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