Terrorism – From the State of Horror

I still remember the day, I was taken away from my Dad, forcibly. My eyes were covered by the palm of a police man. Still I could sneak through his fingers. My dad was lying in a pool of his own blood which was still gushing out of his lower body. I froze to realize the fact that his legs were amputated. The smoke around the scene was heavy and filled with the smell of Sulfur. It was haunting to see the screaming Woman and yelling Men. Civilians and the police men were running across, putting their best efforts to clear the scene.

Terrorism is not an expression of rage. Terrorism is a political weapon. – Dan Brown

I still remember my Dad’s agonized eyes were filled with tear. When he saw my desperate crying eyes stayed frozen on him, He tried to hide the immaculate pain just to keep a warm smile as if he was alright. That was the last time, I saw my Dad. My beloved Dad had gone away from me once for all.

“War and Terrorism are the continuation of politics by other means”. –  “On War”, Carl von Clausewitz

A Kid who lost his father in terror attack

I am no way related or relevant to you except the fact that I can speak, I can think, I can write and I too belong to your human race.

  • Have you ever seen or at least even imagined to witness your closed one’s were slit by throat and fell on ground just in front of your own eyes.?
  • Have you ever seen or at least even imagined to witness bodies of innocent women and Children invariably flying in air and cut into pieces of meat just in a matter of seconds .?

If you fight terrorism, it is based on fear. If you promote peace, it’s based on hope. – Greg Mortenson

  • Have you ever heard or at least even imagined to experience a bomb go off in a few meters away from your kid’s play area .?
  • Have you ever too frozen to react when hearing a news that your beloved one’s are shot dead in a crowded market place right under the broad daylight .?
  • Have you ever held kneeling at a gun point which smells a hot sulfur .?

Then you should admit that I am no way similar to you as I have seen all these brutality right from the day that I start to perceive things. I have stood helplessly witnessing horrific massacres by bearing the bloody bites of the deadly tooth of terrorism.

We do not create terrorism by fighting the terrorists. We invite terrorism by ignoring them. – GEORGE W. BUSH

Helpless civilians in fear of dying in terror hit areas

Have you ever thought of your death? I guess never. But we do – Every day, Every Morning. Things made us to think that way over the years now as every one of us assume our death any sooner, anywhere, inside or outside of our home, hiding at a corner. You might brace yourself against an explosion that you assume is coming. But the uncertainty though wrecks you.

Terrorism will spill over if you don’t speak up. – Malala Yousafzai

Every morning when my Uncle move out for a Job, I used to cry silently that it could be his last day. I wish no one in my family move out. I want people around me all the time. Though it might sound silly for you, But I can’t help removing that state of insecurity from my mind.

Terrorists invading civilians and Cities

Terrorism is the tactic of demanding the impossible, and demanding it at gunpoint. – CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS

I still remember the day from my gloomy past which I wish I should forget. It was 2011. My sister and cousin had tuition in a center along with me during evening. On that particular day, She got a call from her dad and expressed me in joy that she is leaving for the day to purchase jewelries for her Sister’s wedding. She kissed me good bye.

The greatest danger of a terrorist’s bomb is in the explosion of stupidity that it provokes. – OCTAVE MIRBEAU

In the evening I received the horrible news of a bomb blast. My cousin and aunt were terribly wounded. They were taken to the nearby Army medical camp, but she succumbed to injuries less than a week. I still have those memories deep inside me and haunting whenever the telephone rings. The scars are still visible on my Aunt’s face. The shock and the sickening memoirs are firmly stalled in our minds there after.

Weapons of terrorists are as large as government

The terrible thing about terrorism is that ultimately it destroys those who practice it. Slowly but surely, as they try to extinguish life in others, the light within them dies. – TERRY WAITE

Leave the blood we shed and cruel slaughters we witnessed behind which are resulting immediate after a merciless targeted assault. The rest of us who survived still have a stirring thing to deal with. The sufferings of post-traumatic stress and disorder, the anxiety and an everlasting irreparable depression.

We invade everyone from east to West, but if anyone spills a drop of our blood, it’s terrorism. – PAUL CHRISTOPHER

I heard from my uncle once – If you stick to the basics, it sounds rather simple: You the so called developed countries are having the stuffs surplus, ignoring the millions of fellow men of their own race who die with starvation in an average per day. The saddest truth is that you continued to participate in breaching this code of equality of the universal conduct – “fairness common” against all those poor majority on Earth. I know, you may successfully hide yourselves under some aesthetic excuses, still the reality remains as reality.

lack of Fareness to the common cause terrorism

Whoever kills an innocent life it is as if he has killed all of humanity. – Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:32

You preferred to record your concerns on media, on internet and every safest way that you could opt. But what you had completely forgot was to the extent you imply your attitude and behavior of unfairness universal to humans, you will constantly push those who crushed to engage in violent reactions. Thus you instilled terrorism as a choice of certain repeatedly overpowered groups in their minds and pushed them to the extent of devaluing personal life over divine pursuits or any other means.

Terrorism must be outlawed by all civilized nations — not explained or rationalized, but fought and eradicated. Nothing can, nothing will justify the murder of innocent people and helpless children. – ELIE WIESEL

Death Count due to Terrorism across globe
People killed by terrorism over years

To be frank, I was no way feeling safe and scared to the core. I stopped my Schooling long back (Hope my school is still out there). Initially I cried a lot. I felt sorry for myself. I got panic of the uncertainty revolved around me.

You know what?, gradually over time, things are changed now. I am no way different, I feel no pain, no hurt and nothing to demand as I have nothing to loose.

What distinguishes terrorism is the willful and calculated choice of innocents as targets. – BENJAMIN NETANYAHU

Civilians slaughtered on streets by terrorists

I am so hit by the reality and have started to loose my faith on you.

  • No Jesus gonna bear our Pain .!
  • No Allah gonna safeguard our Men .!
  • No Krishna, Rama gonna come down from their holy seats to refill our spirits with Hope .!

By the Name of Holy God, I beg, “Give us the strength to Fight Living or Fight Dying.!”.

Our confessions are just another story for you. You shut your ears when we screamed. You muted our voice when we begged. And thus, You made sure, The horrible scenes of brutal executions are just a part of our lives.


“..While you Live in Peace; Let Us Rest in Peace.!..”



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