Google Adsense Approval – Myths, Facts and Tricks

Have you ever wondered, what would be the most speculated topic on web – Even If not on the top, I could say, “Adsense Quick win guides” would definitely be on the first page. The following 1000 words are an attempt to bust those Adsense Myths and Reveal what it really takes to get your venture Adsense Account and Display Google Ads in your site.

Getting Google Ads to your website:

When I stepped into the world of blogging, a few years back, I had only a pure passion running in my mind. Never thought of anything else till I happened to come across the term “make money with google adsense“. Wondered me, dived deep into the online materials and ended up knowing about the ‘google ads’ and the fascinating Adsense program.

Adsense speculations confuse the beginners“Knowing less is a bliss”, but I was yet to receive that gift due to over enthusiasm. Yes, I spent reading about the topic almost 5 to 6 hours a day. When I read more and more about ‘make money with adsense’, I got more and more doubts if my site deserves google ads to be published on my website. But I had some little hope driving me from the corner of my heart towards my venture Adsense account.

Following were the so called Rules of Thumb that you invariably see circulating on web without any valid proofs. I don’t understand why people just speculate the ideas that hold no grounds and spoilsport the young minds who strive to add google ads to their website.

  1. Age of the  domain
  2. Monthly visitors to the site
  3. Minimum number of posts
  4. Analytics code and Alexa rank

Let me take you through some of the lessons that I learnt in the whole journey of receiving google ads on my website. Lets bust the myths one by one.

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Busting the Adsense Myths:

Age of the domain

Many a articles that I happened to read declared that any domain that of less than 6 months old will never qualify for Adsense. Oh well, Really? In fact, this is mentioned in Adsense website as well, specifically for Asian countries. But have you ever thought if your site was registered on some server outside of Asia?

Nevertheless, I was awaiting for almost 2 months without applying for adsense after knowing this speculation. By that time, I was fully focusing on my website content – Writing engaging and Intriguing articles. After 2 months, I could hardly wait and Just thought of trying my luck. Yes, I applied for my venture Adsense account ignoring this 6 months rule.

Monthly visitors to the site

Busting the adsense mythsNot only from the web, Me too personally felt that Number of monthly visitors shall really matter. I was trying to market my site content in every possible yet professional way. Yes, I mentioned ‘professional way’ because marketing mindlessly might lead to content spamming which is no way good for any nurturing blogger. So you definitely need a plan for marketing.

The bitter truth was whenever I marketed, on that day, just on that day, I got some decent traffic flowing towards my site. But this count went down slowly over a few days of non-marketing and ended up nil. This was adding frustration to my quest as I was not aware of the fact its very hard for a new website to pull regular traffic as its yet to fully crawled by the spiders to grab some organic search traffic. Anyhow, I managed some 2 digit count of visitors to my site per day.

Minimum number of posts

I was really concerned about this speculation. At one point of time, I had started to write articles just for the sake meeting some magical count. The sad truth was, Later when I read those hurry-blurry posts, I personally felt pity on myself and without a second thought trashed those awkward stuffs.

Particularly with this speculation, It was really hard to set my mind in a direction. Finally, I gave way for my passion for writing to go ahead and ignored everything else. I had written a handful of decent articles which were really up to my satisfaction. Also, I used every opportunity to fine tune those articles for better user experience. Also, I had kept some of the SEO best practices in my mind through out the way.

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Analytics code and Alexa rank

A few sites had discussed seriously on these terms and their importance in getting an Adsense Approval. Huh. The fact was – When I applied for Adsense, I had no idea what is an Analytics code is all about and How a Alexa Rank might look like.

The Adsense Reality

You know what? The result of my application was Positive and proved clearly that None of those speculations really matter for qualifying Adsense. Alas, the Myths were busted!

One of my domain which was just

  • 2 months old
  • 20 original posts
  • maximum of only 50 visitors per day

got qualified for Adsense program. Similar way, I have pulled things off for a dozen of my friends till now. Now you see my point now. Don’t you?

Adsense Approved for Showing Google Ads

Points to Ponder for Google Ads

  • Site layout really matters. Let it be a responsive layout which google ads like most.
  • Adsense approval is not done by any script or robot. Its purely a manual process. So, never succumb of getting a denial. The person reviewed your site might have not preferred it, but it does not mean to be the same with every other reviewer. At times, we need fortune to end up with the right guy.
  • One of my site was rejected first time with the reason being “Insufficient Content“. But, another site of mine got the application Approved which had even lesser content than the previous site. Well, I can say that the first application had fallen on a reviewer who hated my content. Seriously, luck matters to push the application to some cool guy 😉

Google Adsense Application Denied message

  • If you get a denial, Be calm, Relax and concentrate to get rid of the denial reasons (They do provide a list of denial causes) as much as possible.
  • Re-apply at-least a few weeks later. Don’t rush to apply again just in a few days so that you can hold yourself genuine with your approach.

Essence of Adsense Account Approval

When you think of google adsense and earning with google ads,

  • Don’t Panic; But Plan.
  • Stash the speculations; Follow your Intuitions.
  • Write content from your heart.
  • Be original; Do NOT copy even a line from web.
  • Let your passion drive.
  • Use the SEO best practices.
  • Nothing more.
  • Nothing Less.
  • Start making money with google.




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Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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