Relationship Goals – Humanity Restore – The Water Man

Relationship Goals – The Helpless Poverty:

It was almost 10 PM when i was shouting at him over phone. “Listen, i told you yesterday itself, still you haven’t delivered the water bottles.”, Didn’t allow him to respond. “Do you think i have no other job than calling you for your useless service. See, at any cost i need the cans in 10 mins”. I slapped the receiver back.

My wife was looking at me puzzled, “Hey, we have almost 5 liters of water left, why do you get so angry?”. I gave her a wicked smile “No honey, these people will  otherwise take us for granted, need to shout often and keep them in control”. She moved away murmuring something. But i felt light that i have a few to show my power at.

The Poor Water Man :

He came well before i guessed. A pale thin guy of 50 odd years with a old wrinkled outfit drenched in sweat, carrying two 20 liter cans each on his shoulders. Expressed his apologies politely. I never minded him and poured my dissatisfaction on his service.

Poem – A Poor Indian Farmer

He looked humiliated, but i felt empowered. Finally let him go with a grim face. These are the moments, make one feel great, whenever control other fellow beings. I went to bed with a satisfaction.

Relationship Goals – The Reality Bytes :

Almost a week had gone. I had seated behind the wheels of my Verna – My hard earned second hand car, waiting at a signal close to my area. Impatiently looked around and noticed that Water man in his old TVS-50.

He was chocked in sweat under the merciless Chennai Sun. He had tied the cans all around his bike, almost 5 bottles with 20 liters of water in each. I was shocked to see his hands were shivering visibly, a tiffin box in the front carrier, guess he had not ate yet. He was changing his foot often on the Tar road, just not to get the toes burnt, yes, he was bare footed. My eyes went watery. It just hit me, how much hard earned are his pennies! He sells a can for 30 rupees with 5 Rupees margin, bearing all this struggles and the stupids like me.

Relationship Goals – Respect the Poor :

Reached office thinking of that old man. Just looked around, fully air conditioned cabins with specialized service personnel waiting for our call. Just went to the pantry, tried carrying a 20 liter bottle. It was not so heavy, but he was carrying two of them on his shoulders and reached my flat at 2nd floor, impossible! Came back to my seat and Just reminded of that day, i yelled at him for no reason. Cant wait anymore, took my mobile and dialed him to ask sorry for my stupid behavior on that day. Respect and Help the Needy. Period.

May god forgive me, Will he .?


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