Poem – My Run Away Mind

The Protagonist in this poetry had gone clueless how to control his mind which run behind his Lady Love all the time. Let it be the winter or the summer or the spring or the autumn and irrespective of the part of a day say the morning or the noon or the evening or the night, every second of his life he spends on thinking only of his goddess of Love.

<< Language >> 

Tamil and English.

<< Translation* >> 

Oh My Goodness ..,
Give me the way ..,
How to get hold of ..?

At the ..,
Darkest of midnight ..,
Hottest of midday ..,
Snowing fore-night ..,
Sunny fore-noon ..,
Yellowish evening ..,
Sluggish Morning ..,

Every day and ..,
Every hour ..,

Like a little fly ..,
That chases on light ..,

My wandering mind ..,
That runs behind You ..! 


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*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.

<<Original Verse >> 


என்ன செய்ய …???


காரிருள் நள்ளிரவு;

கடுவேனில் நடுப்பகல்

முன்பனி முன்னிரவு;

இளவேனில் முற்பகல்;

பின்பனி காலை;

செவ்வேனில் மாலை;


ஒவ்வொரு மணியும்;

ஒவ்வொரு நொடியும்;


வெளிச்சம் தேடும் விட்டில் பூச்சியாய் ..,

உன்பின் ஓடும் மனத்தினை ..!!!


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