Story – The Double Take

Roopa is a young and beautiful lady at her late 20’s who was accused of Prostitution by a super rich Business Man Shasi. Roopa had actually joined Shasi as his Personal Secretary 3 months ago. Shasi misused her and thrown out of the Job. When Roopa lodged a police complaint, Shasi turned the charges simply against her with his Money Power. Hence, Roopa reaches Prison with 2 months of imprisonment and with an unquenchable vengeance in mind.

In the prison cell, Roopa happens to tell her story to a fellow prisoner “Kala” who showed her kind manners. Kala also a victim of some false fact done by another politician “Ajay”and have vengeance in her mind too. After heard Roopa’s story, Kala develop a plan to resolve their vengeance without getting caught to the Police again. She asks Roopa to kill Ajay on behalf of her when she released after 2 months, also tells her as she has no motive to kill Ajay, Police will never reach her. Also by that time of murder, Kala, who have a primary motive to kill Ajay will be in prison so that Police wont suspect her too. Hence, Both would be safe.

criminals arrested with a hand cuffThreatened Roopa asks her back, what is my take in this? For which, Kala answers. When I release after 3 months, I will kill Shasi on behalf of you. A few weeks before that, You need to do a small crime and get back to prison. By that time I Kill Shasi, You would be in Prison, so that Police can’t corner you. After hearing this convincible Plan, Roopa accepts the offer. Kala reveals that Ajay falls for beautiful woman and asks her to join him as a secretary and When he takes her to his farm house, she can easily nail him.

Two months passed faster and Roopa got released. She joins Ajay as planned who appoints her as his secretary after seeing her beauty. Roopa wasted no time and passed signals like she likes him very much. He asks her to visit his farm house on that weekend and Roopa decides to finish him there.

On the way to farm house, Roopa sees a car parked roadside and a middle aged lady fainted on the driver seat down. She calls the ambulance immediately and takes her to the Hospital. She helped that lady in right time so that he escaped from her danger. Roopa leaves that spot at once knowing that the lady is alright.

When Roopa reaches the Farm house, the gate keeper sends her in as Ajay already instructed. Roopa already made her mind for the killing reaches the door bell. But no response from inside. When she tried open the door, it went in surprisingly. Bewildered Roopa slips in and shocked to see, Ajay on floor and was already killed by someone else already. She thinks for a moment and leaves the farm house at once.

Police arrests Roopa within a few hours based on the evidence of the farm Gate Keeper that she was with Ajay at the time of murder. Roopa express the whole story to Police, but no one believes her. Finally she talks about the original plan that was laid by Kala. On inquiring Kala, she back stab Roopa that she never talked to her before. Roopa without any chance, accused of the murder straight away.

criminal investigation to nail culpritRoopa’s photo was seen by the infamous advocate Rosy, the lady who was save by Roopa a few days back. Rosy wants to help her in gratitude and reaches the Police station. After hearing the whole story, Rosy start to deal the case with her experience and intelligence on criminology. She hear from Police that Ajay was dead because he was kissed by a lady who had applied a poisonous lipstick. Rosy wonders how the lady escaped from death as she too have used the lipstick.? She gets start with that angle which the Police failed to deal.

Rosy finds out that there is an anti poisonous drug for that particular lipstick poison and assumes the lady who killed him should have used it to save herself from that poison. She check on the medical shops that sells that particular drug and finds out that the drug was bought by the chief prisoner on that day. Rosy uses her influence and gets a clue from Assistant Prisoner that Kala and the Chief Prisoner are close allies.

On passing these information to the Police commissioner, he reveals the further facts with the police investigation with the Chief prisoner who sent Kala out for a fare amount of time before Roopa reaches the farm house. Kala actually killed Ajay and got back to prison before Reaches there. So went Roopa get in there, all the doubts just fall on her. It was originally the plan of Kala to get Roopa caught of this charge.

Police arrests Chief Prisoner and Kala for that murder charge. Also Police releases Roopa of that charge and applauds Rosy for her excellent talent in revealing the real culprit. All settles down when Rosy adopts Roopa as her step daughter so that police leaves her with a warning of being part of Kala’s original plan.

Based on “The Double Take” By Rajesh Kumar.

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