A “Royale” Solution for “Atmos” Pollution

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Do you know .? Your HOME conceals a lethal weapon in every corners and ready to take you down ., sooner or later. You often miss to feel the threat yourself or at the eyes of your loved ones. Before you consolidate the events ., before you comprehend what you are up to ., before you realize what makes your health a concern ., Before you assert what makes your life so dreadful and what makes your own breath harder ., It could be too late to deserve a heavenly home on our mother earth.

You should have heard of Mike’s masterpiece “They don’t never care about us” .? I tell you with my whole heart backing with tonnes of research evidences – THEY REALLY DON’T NEVER CARE ABOUT US. If they really had, why we end up to let our heavenly HOMES turning out to be a horrible den of Hell.?

Family affected by indoor pollution

My dad has reiterated many a times that his father had never fell Sick a single day ., yes, not a single day. My father fell once in a year or so. But I fell at least every quarter. Alarmingly, My son falls sick every month. Tracking down the theme with some research, realized that our health had continuously been under threat generation by generation ., at an exponential rate of destruction.

Wanna proof : Pollution Kills – Video

Have you ever wondered ., Why the kids used to sneeze often in our homes right amidst of the concrete jungles .? Why they catch up with Cold quite often .? The answer is as simple as this : Their little noses are too sensitive to resist the micro pollutants spread on air. Who cause this fatally polluted ecological conditions in and around our houses .? Cost of so called mismanaged Industrialization. Pathetic to know, In India ., Micro organisms pose lesser threats for livelihood than Micro Pollutants. Because, the earlier one needs just medicine, But the other one needs a impeccable solution.

girl affected by indoor pollution

Time to realize that we are living in a war field ., Marching in the front line. Yes my friend ., we are. But our enemies are nowhere, but everywhere. Around you, around me and all the time. They don’t really care, who you are. They are mightier and Carcinogenic than you imagine. They charge upon us all the time, not even sparing when you asleep. They are steadily eating us up ., slowly ., very slowly ., cell by cell ., at your every breath. Yes my friend ., they have already infiltrated our bodies ., using our own breath. Their invisible swords are right on us and eventually gonna take us down ., one day or another ., clueless indeed.

What do you choose .? Cleaning the brutal mess up.? or let your home pile with pollutants up .? Don’t you care enough to see your family, breath easy .? Don’t you love to see your Kids grow healthy .? Of course, My friend ., I do. We are on the same page and you know what .? I am a step ahead and I have cleaned the mess from my home already with a mighty weapon as simple as a splash of brush.

Wanna proof : Kill The Pollution – Video

I have concealed my family away from those invisible clans of rivalry. Now a days,

  • I see a sign of relief in the eyes of my elderly parents.
  • My son is doing quite alright now. He falls sick not that often. Notably, no frequent sneezing at all.
  • Altogether, I have made sure ., my family breath easy.

Breath Easy with Royal Atmos

Believe it or Not ., But the fact is a fact. How “Roayale” is my Home “Atmos” now .?

  • Reduced indoor pollutant. Hats off to the revolutionary ‘Activated Carbon Technology’
  • No more malodours.
  • Rich in fragrance.
  • VOC safer and Environmentally friendlier.
  • Aesthetically ., super rich matt finish with Teflon surface protector.

We had lost our Home long before – the paradise to the monster called Indoor Pollution. But I have regained our paradise with a mightier weapon which is just a Click away.

Wanna regain your paradise too .? 

Here you go : One Stop Solution for Indoor Pollution

#CleanAirBeautifulHomes – An Environmental initiative by Asian Paints


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