Google Adsense Approval – Myths, Facts and Tricks

Have you ever wondered, what would be the most speculated topic on web – Even If not on the top, I could say, “Adsense Quick win guides” would definitely be on the first page. The following 1000 words are an attempt to bust those Adsense Myths and Reveal what it really takes to get your venture Adsense Account and

Poem – Eternal Madness of Spotless Love

 The Protagonist expresses how his Goddess of Love made him to behave like a Crazy Man – Yes, the eternal craziness of having her spotless Love. In this verses, the Lover thinking of his Love anytime and all the time. At a point, he starts to believe that she is always around him. So he talks alone as

Story – The Double Take

Roopa is a young and beautiful lady at her late 20’s who was accused of Prostitution by a super rich Business Man Shasi. Roopa had actually joined Shasi as his Personal Secretary 3 months ago. Shasi misused her and thrown out of the Job. When Roopa lodged a police complaint, Shasi turned the charges simply against her with his

Relationship Goals – A Love Hack

How long it takes to shatter one’s strong belief on an eternal relationship and get to know of a trendy Relationship Lesson.? Sincerely, I had no answer till meeting that Lover girl. The City Life: It was a jackpot Friday. Yes, my Manager did not turn up to office due to some sickness. Hence I had a chance to

Poem – Come Fly With Me

The protagonist seeks a boon from his Angel of love to grace her soulful deeds to live his life in an eternal way. He wanted to fly with her on the boundless space with a sparkling Love. He wanted to float with her dreams by means of a vibrant love across the Oceans. He wanna quench his

Relationship Goals – The Passive Aggressive Battlefield

They are always around you – Where ever you go, they do follow you. They have the popular ego as their asset and honey tongue as their advantage. They chat with you and hold a pleasant appeal. They are absolutely bearable till the moment they take their masks off. Let me come to the point –

Bleeding Blue – Sachin Tendulkar in Action

Anything for Sachin : With the burning eyes of late-night sleep. Grabbed the ringing phone lazily, it was Amir, one of my close friend. He did not even allowed me to say Hello, “Hey, We gonna see the God (Sachin Tendulkar). World Cup League Match – India vs South Africa, Nagpur cricket stadium, coming Saturday. Bye”, the phone went

Poem – You Are My Everything

 The Protagonist expresses the different characters of his Love which she exhibit through her graceful actions and flowery gestures. In this verses, the Lover expresses that his Love possess the forms of every single relationship that he actually have. At times, she resembles like his Dad, at another time, affectionate like his Mom and at times like his siblings and so

Relationship Goals – Gone Are Those Days

Relationship Goals – Fall in Love One More Time Please quit reading this article right away, If You have no past / present experience in love or if you are damn sure of loving none in the near future or if you are a person who laughs at people in love You are part of the crowd who had turned

A Helping Hand and A Help in Need

This is a real story, How a simple mindful initiative can boost someone’s self confidence and motivation to get hold off things that were really slipping out if his away – a helping hand met a help in need. A Principle for life : I had just got shifted to that new premise. Myself and my wife were busy