Poem – Miss You My Love

The protagonist gushes his anguish out as the cruel Fate keeps the Couple in Love apart.  Love is not only a source of rejoice. At times, Love shows its off side and instills a piercing pain in the hearts of its beholders. The Lover boy who becomes the victim here is in such a state of agony.

Story – The Web

Vignesh, a technical geek, newly married, Working in Atomic Research Center located in New Delhi. He is in a very responsible post and only in-charge of controlled atomic emissions sector of the Center and hence he has the Key to initiate and execute the controlled atomic sequences in lab environment which otherwise may create a nuclear calamity. A anti social group supported by some Foreign

Poem – Have Me Forever

The protagonist pleads his Love for a boon of surrendering himself Forever to her. The Lover in this depiction finds himself missing at a point of time. Further he finds himself somewhere amidst of the talkative eyes and the Rosy Lips of his angel of Love. He has no mind to resist his flooding emotions of

Story – High Tides

A top class Business Man, Deenadhayal is warned by his family astrologer that he has bad signs which can only be cured by marrying a pure woman and terminate her on the same day and do some poojas with the ash. His father is a blind follower of such things and urges his Son to accept the task.

Story – Agalya

All starts with a meeting at Commissioner’s office discussing on a priority issue – A poster printed with the text “Will Agalya be alive?” been pasted all over the City. Search begins to trace’ “Who is Agalya.? and What is the knot behind.?” Same time a few demands received by a Millionaire’s family just to stop the

Poem – A Poor Indian Farmer

This Poem Portrays the Struggles of a Indian Farmer and the state of farming in the country. Beautifully describes How difficult it is for any farmer to farm right from the seeding to the harvesting. Also it touches upon the typical Middlemen who use their buying power to humiliate and push those poor farmers to their end. Seeded

Poem – The Gorgeous You

The protagonist accuses his Love off a Sweet Blame that She is too beautiful not to get reminded off her. The boy in love loves his lady by heart and soul. He literally observes her everywhere – Every living thing and in the same time every lifeless object that is a piece of beautiful art

Poem – Castings of Our Souls

The protagonist portrays his sensations and emotions after a kiss and indeed discern what the exchange of KISS is all about. The first things are always priceless in life. When it comes as the First Kiss .? Yes, the boy who is in deep love with an Angel gives out a epic reason of his

Poem – You Are My Destination

The protagonist indeed realizes the fact that His whole journey is all about reaching the Destination which is nothing but reaching his Love. People set different aspirations and goals in their life. Our Hero is a bit different. He looks for his ultimate destination that his life should be resorted to and finds out that

Story – My Game and My Rules

The Game Begun The School The Name board was clearly legible at-least a 50 meters away from the Gate, “Government Higher Secondary School, Akkur.”. A funny combination of white letters running on a Blue background. Mounted between two concrete pillars, on top of that giant old creepy entrance gate. It was nothing but another typical