Dancing in the rain

Have you ever looked at the sky when it’s drizzling? No..? My goodness, that means, You missed a moment of ultimate Bliss. The following incident was from my childhood memories and How great it was to be a kid?

A Blissful Rainy Day :

September, 1994

dark-clouds-dancing-in-rainWhen I reached our balcony, my brother was already there, glued his eyes up at the sky. He was standing with an irresistible impulse. “See, Dark clouds are gathering”, he whispered at me in excitement. When I joined him looking up, it was darker all around. The weather was stuffy – we knew, it’s an alarm for a short down pour – Our grandpa used to say.

We were changing foot like a temple elephant in amusement. Eager to take a leap at once the pouring starts. Yes, we had an gentlemen agreement to start only after the first drop. Our default destination  would be the small garden in our lane.

Gentle musky smell was spreading on the air, brother told , “It’s started raining somewhere close by and guess It will start here anytime”. Waiting for such a push and I declared, “am going then”. I started running towards the garden, ignoring my bro shouting behind me to wait. As I expected, he joined me in seconds.

We were just in time and it started with a gentle cool breeze. Few of our neighbors smiled at us from their windows and an uncle shouted, “You little ones, enjoy ..!” No time to respond them, We were looking at the sky, facing the flowery drizzles. Slowly shut our eyes with the hands wide spread. What else, It was definitely a bliss.

A Painful Rainy Day :

September, 2001restricted-to-cherish-watch-rain-urgid

Days were rolling, 7 short years had gone. My brother was doing BE, stayed in a hostel. I was standing right at our balcony, glued my eyes up at the sky, same dark clouds were gathering. I controlled my impulse of running to our garden for some reason. When the first drop falls, irresistibly i started moving to the spot.

Looked straight at the sky, facing the gentle drizzles, ignoring the puzzled faces at their windows. Closed my eyes and when just attempted to spread my hands, the same uncle shouted, “Hey, are you a kid? Get a shelter before you drench”. Opened my eyes and almost the whole colony looked strange at me and murmuring something. Before they conclude that i went mad, I made up my mind to get back.

The Social Animals :

When reached my house, it was painful that I was denied a pleasure which I weighed more. But it was the reality which I had to oblige. Who are these people around us instructing and controlling us every single time on what to do and what not to? But they are the society whom i have to respect. First time in my life, felt broken and thought why did I grown up.?

Haven’t you felt this way anytime ..?

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