Poem – An Indian Woman

Portrayal of a poor Indian Woman who had been misused at every stage of her Life either by her own Family and by the Society that claims the highest standard of livelihood for Women.

We always claim that the women are like our eyes. But what really happens in the day to day life of our woman. In every part of their life they faces harassment and unkind by the pathetic society. Hope this one is an exception.

Visual assaults of shameless Youth,
Verbal assaults of Senseless demons,
Denied the Love for Father’s Status,
Married a looser for Mother’s final wish,
Used to the In-Laws abuses,
Had the Bunch of kids and Deformed,
For Morsel a day,
Worked as a Dog and Sweat as a Pig,
As the days roll on,
None to speak, None to sooth,
Abandoned by the own Kids,
With a Fading Vision and Stilled Legs,
Like a disturbed Millipede,
When settling in a Orphanage Bed,
Hearing Somebody in the TV,
Shouting Loud and Getting Applauds,
“Women Are Our Vision” ..!


 Original Verse


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