Poem – Heaven On Earth

The protagonist seeks his angel of love for being with him to make his world as a Heaven forever.

The lover boy in this citation walks in his street and to his surprise, the whole street looks splendid. He exclaims first and notices that nothing has changed externally but his way of pursuing things turned out to be beautiful because of Love.

<< Language >> 

Tamil and English.

<< Translation* >> 

From the day we love,
My world appears to be a Paradise;

I walk my way, thinking of You ..
Trash bins turned into temple tower;
Dirt smelt Fragrance;
Dirty Ones became angels;
Street cattle appeared Holy;
Ditch seemed Temple Tank;
Floating garbage into white Lotus;

If just your memories could take me to Paradise ..?
What if you ever be with me..?

Before me seize in bliss..,
“Give me”, my Angel, “Your Bless” !!!

*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.


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