Poem – Miss You My Love

The protagonist gushes his anguish out as the cruel Fate keeps the Couple in Love apart

Love is not only a source of rejoice. At times, Love shows its off side and instills a piercing pain in the hearts of its beholders. The Lover boy who becomes the victim here is in such a state of agony. He sees his days are rolling slowly like the day of June 21, the longest day on earth as his holy love is no more able to stay with him.

<< Language >> 

Tamil and English.

<< Translation* >> 

Deprived of sleep .., 
Devoid of Hunger ..,
Heart full of Sorrow ..,
Absolutely Lifeless ..,
Never ending Solitude ..,
Without You ..,
Every day of mine ..,
Extends as June 21 ..!!!

*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.

<< Original Verse >> 

ஊண் உறக்கம் தூரம் ..,
நெஞ்சம் மீளா பாரம் ..,
வாழ்விழந்த வெறுமை ..,
தீராத தனிமை ..,
ஜூன் 21 ஆய் நீள்கின்றன ..,
உனைக் காணா ஒவ்வொரு நாளும் ..!!!

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