Poem – The Gorgeous You

The protagonist accuses his Love off a Sweet Blame that She is too beautiful not to get reminded off her.

The boy in love loves his lady by heart and soul. He literally observes her everywhere – Every living thing and in the same time every lifeless object that is a piece of beautiful art or craft. He could not come out of this state of love illusion and captures the state in a poetic way as below.

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how can you start a dating site Every Beautiful thing on this Earth reminds me off You ..!
Binary options signals 3hour expiry performance august 2018 Everything that reminds me off you are damn Beautiful ..!

source url What on earth that I can do ..,
enter Its your fault of being Gorgeously Beautiful ..!!!

*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.

best online binary options broker << Original Verse >> 

see உலகின் http://www.beaujolais-challenge.com/?nikolsa=site-de-rencontre-lesbienne-gatineau&00e=d0 http://flywind.com.br/bakester/5708 அழகான பொருட்களெல்லாம்  உன்னை நினைவூட்டுகின்றன ..!
உன்னை நினைவூட்டும் பொருட்களெல்லாம் அழகாய் தெரிகின்றன ..!
நானென்ன செய்ய …?
அழகாய் பிறந்தது உன் குற்றம் …!!!

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