Poem – The Pillars of Democracy

The Protagonist expresses his dissatisfaction on the Pillars of a democratic system right from the bottom to the top for their attitude and Practices.

In a democracy, the common Men, Party Men, the Parties and the Leaders play a vital role for the collective success of the system. But what really happens in the so called system? Let’s have a spicy touch.


We keep Banners at the Road ..,
Bleaches vision and trouble the drivers ..,
We claim the poor as Party Men ..,
Declare that as for a Party Cause ..,
Paying compensations with a Smirk ..,
Hence, Call them the Shameless ..!
We lost our principles long ago ..,
We lost our morale for a packet of Food ..,
With a deafening noise to support our Party,
Got into the Wagon with a Rush ..,
Moving towards the place of campaign ..,
Hence, Call them the Senseless ..!
Like a snack seller switching buses ..,
I used to switch Parties ..,
Never Mind, Never Care ..,
Having alliances as i wish ..,
I am one Leader here ..!
Trusting on Vote Banks ..,
Changing Strategies every day ..,
By spending the Part of procurement ..,
As Freebies to Voters ..,
Pasted my image all over ..,
I am another Leader here ..!
One do always Criticize ..,
Another one always Relaxes ..,
Whenever the Leader Pause ..,
Awaiting crowd decodes ..,
Time to Hail him thunderously ..,
Party Men, the mindless ..!
Illiterate Villages and ..,
The Educated Metros..,
Votes for benefits ..,
The Public, the Useless ..!
We the Pillars welcome You ..,
The Public Elections ..!
Hail The Politics ..!
Prosper the Democracy ..!

Tamil Verse



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