Poem – The Pain Of Love

The Protagonist expresses how much he is agonized while dwelling in the memoirs of her Lady Love who have undergone a Painful Surgery. He expresses his willingness to bear the pain on behalf of her and begging for a way to keep her off from the horrible pain. He wonders why the time is frozen and assumes if it got too sick to move. Left without any choice, he dwindle in sorrow and start waiting for her return.

<< Language >> 

Tamil and English.

<< Translation* >> 

Wanna Melt my Soul ..,
and Instill in You ..,
To bear thy Pain ..!

Wanna rip my Limp ..,
and fix that on you ..,
To help you Walk ..!

Alas.! What I will do .?
No Mean ; No Choice ..,

Cursing the Frozen Time ..,
That crawl slow of a Turtle ..,

Awaiting to Sink in Bliss ..,
And to Dwell in Peace ..,
On Seeing You ..!

*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.

<<Original Verse >> 

என் உயிரினை உருக்கி ..,

உனக்குள் செலுத்தி ..,

உன் வலிகளை சுமக்க ஆசை ..,

என் காலொன்றை  அளித்து உனை ..,

இக்கணமே கஷ்டமின்றி ..,

நடக்க வைக்க ஆசை ..,

என்ன செய்ய ..?

நோய்வாய்ப்பட்டு ஊர்ந்து செல்லும் நொடிகளை எண்ணி .., 

நிராசைகளின் ஊடே காத்திருக்கிறேன் .., 

உன்மடியில் சாய்ந்து மோட்சம் பெற ..!!!


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