Poem – You Are My Destination

The protagonist indeed realizes the fact that His whole journey is all about reaching the Destination which is nothing but reaching his Love.

People set different aspirations and goals in their life. Our Hero is a bit different. He looks for his ultimate destination that his life should be resorted to and finds out that to be with his Angel of Love.

<< Language >> 

Tamil and English.

<< Translation* >> 

That Second, when our Eyes Synchronized In ;
That Second, when i was enlightened with the Reality ;
That Second, when you completely flooded me ;
That Second, when i lost myself in you ;

In those Seconds,
I realized, “Oh my Love”,
“You are my Ultimate Destination” !!!
*Note: This is only a content translation, Poetic Aesthetics shall only be referred in the original version.

<< Original Verse >> 

                  விழிகள் கலந்து ;
                      உண்மை உணர்ந்து ;
                      என்னுள் நிறைந்து ;
                        உன்னுள் கரைந்த நொடியில்அறிந்தேன் ..,
                        என்தேடல் நீ என்று ..!!!


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