Relationship Goals – An Indian Marriage Saga

If you ask some one, “Why people marry?”, I bet the most would reply with a sequence of things like the one I faced and shared below. Let me guide you through my marriage scenario and How literally I was threatened to Marry – at least for the benefit of you and our society.

Happy Marriages Are Not Just Happen – They Are Planned.

 Relationship Goals – The stage of Matrimony :

It all started when I just stepped into a MNC with a decent package at the age of 26. I had called my parents and expressed happily that i got a job which is much much better than my previous  one. Actually, i was working as a Teaching Assistant (would tell others as Senior lecturer) by that time in an Engineering college in Chennai. What? College Name? Huh, why do you remind me of something that i consider as the biggest mistake of my life. Yes, being a college lecturer is not a job but a test for faith. People think that the lecturer job deserves respect and honor. I was thinking the same way until that poker faced guy threw a paper boat at my back whenever I turned towards the board. I didn’t really understand the fun in it. But the whole class laughed out every time. The notable thing was when i complained to the Principal, he advised me to take it easy.(?)

happy-marriageBack to the call:- My dad was very happy, I could sense from his voice. His immediate reaction was “Well, Let me register your prospect in Matrimony websites”. “What!”, Me, “But dad, I am planning to do Masters in Automotive Engineering in abroad, once saved some decent money in a few years”. Dad ..? There was a complete silence. “Dad, what happened ..?” .. “Dad ..!”. With a “thud”, he slapped the receiver back. Clear sign of anger and denial. With that “thud”, my Masters dreams were gone with the wind on the same day it started.

Gone Are Those Days – Love Before and After Marriage

Things were getting worse day by day. I was disturbed very much whenever my parents Started to chase me for marriage. I tried my luck now and then, explained my dreams of higher education and research which they showed no interest. They even forgot my birthday, looked like their next wish would only be “Happy Marriage“. They started to behave in a way their ultimate reason of taking their birth was to get me married.

Relationship Goals – The Marriage Drama

Parents used to perform some plays that will beat any best movie in that genre hands down.

One fine evening, when I reached home, my mom was looking very sad. I thought something went wrong and hurried to attend her. But she turned at me at her own pace and expressed that she was getting bad day by day just by worrying about my marriage. Her eyes were wet. She talked in such a way that she might fall any day in that month. I iterated how healthy she was and reminded of the complete medical check up done previous month which said no major issues. Before I complete, she hide her face in a towel started with a husky voice that i had changed a lot and never listened her anymore. Oh no, I had no idea how to react.

A Life Hack by Means of Love


Another day, it was my dad’s turn who gave me a look like a poor old beggar looking for a piece of bread. Me, “Dad, don’t do this to me. Mom is so sentimental, i didn’t think she will listen anything from me except the nod for marriage. but you can be rational and hear my side at least”. He again looked at me like I declared that he is not my dad any more and silent as if he lost his speech. I clearly knew, it was my Mom who play him this way.

I managed for a few more weeks. But things never changed. At one point of time, I was afraid that my Mom might get really a bad shape. Can’t get hold off things anymore, finally I accepted for marriage. You know what, the moment I nodded my head, my mom became afresh and alright within a few minutes. My dad didn’t even take that much. The whole drama came to the conclusion. My goodness.!

Love marriage vs Arranged marriage

I recollect a joke here. In tea time, when my colleagues were seriously discussing about marriages, One guy sought for common opinion on which is best? Love marriage or Arranged marriage. For which one of my senior colleague replied instantly that, “Common Man, Both are same. Love marriage is like Self Termination, But Arranged marriage is like a Mass Termination. Nevertheless, the fact remain, you are gonna be Terminated”. The cafeteria roof came down with the sudden outburst of our heavy laughter.

Art of Building Inclusive Relationships – Love and Respect

Relationship Goals – A Marriage Advice


Well, I am married now and having a kid too. Life is a lot changed from then. In fact, most of the reasons that my parents claimed about marriage were true. Having a good companion for life with you is a bliss. But finding a true companion, is really a Herculean task, which needs patience, courage and time, no no, a lot of patience, a lot of courage and a lot of time.

You could have guessed the fact – if you were anyhow planning to get married, why not spending more time in looking for a good match which would only be possible if you had started the process at the earliest. Got it.?

Wishing you a Happy Marriage ..!

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