Relationship Goals – Be Right There

Relationship Goals – Friends Forever

He was about 22, charm, mannered and a social butterfly. Life was so amazing with lots of friends and engagement. He had a few relationships (of-course one at a time) and had come across so many girls. Even some were really interested on him, he was clear in one thing – Just friends, Nothing more than that. He wanted to enjoy every moment of his life and never hesitated to throw his job right on the day he got bored of it. He was quite keen to lead a life without having any commitments and tail-gating. With that attitude on life, at one point of time, doing business was his only choice.

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relationship-friends-urgidHe was a technical geek cum high school topper and had a lump sum enough for a start-up. Then what, he planned a holiday to Europe to settle his mind afresh before kick starting his idea. It was a lonely trip as he desired until he met her at Arc De Triomphe, France. She was so pretty and was on a lonely tour just like him. He felt something attractive and pleasant in her. Smiled at her and she responded back. They helped each other to take snaps and slowly started to converse. In a matter of minutes they fell close. He found the girl more interesting as her ideas and opinions were quite genuine and open. But he was very sure about – Nothing more than a friend. They exchanged their contacts to keep up the relationship and moved on their ways that evening.

He was back home after a week of their meeting and had started with his start up. Couple of days later, she had pinged him on Face Book. With loads of past memories they had in Paris, he replied her and they chat for a while. They used to chat once or twice a week and they found much closer to each other in a couple of months. As chat was no more adequate they got their numbers exchanged and they became dependent on each other very much.

Relationship Goals – Live it Light

Many a times, he felt she was not at all alright. She had expressed that her personal life was not so good and she was happy and smiling only when talking to him. Also he was the only true companion that she had in life. He was so happy about that fact and going strong day by day with that relationship. A few times, she had told that she was too hurt in her life at times to think about killing herself. He used to console and bring her back “i will always be there for you“. She always used to demand, “Be right there for me” which he willfully accepted.

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workload-split-relationshipsHe used to miss her calls and pings at times when his venture start up needed to be close monitored, but he made sure to call her back and kept her in touch whenever he was free. Little later, the start-up work was going bizarre and demanding close intervention. On that particular day, he was a bit excited to see the start up got its first client. First moment of success as all the hard work had started to pay back.

He was on his couch relaxing after a long time. He was checking out his pending emails and social contacts. Suddenly it grabbed his attention – he had forgotten completely about her for almost 3 months now. He remembered her texts for call and his replied that he would call back the next day, but he had forgotten all the 3 times. He grabbed his phone and tried to reach her out. But she was not reachable. He had also noted that no recent pings from her. He was too exhausted with the stretch of work and fell asleep thinking about the sweet moments they shared. Quite a few days later, he had started to miss her and tried to contact her back. Searched all the social profiles and every single medium where they had some communication exchanges. She was surprisingly nowhere.

Relationship Goals – Be Right There

On the next day he completely ignored his work and made the search full time. Just about to loosing hope, he got a hold – a tag of her name in a message. He was completely out of mind when reading the test against her name – RIP. He had never been so devastated in his life before. He got struck, speechless and motionless. Didn’t know how long, when he got back to the laptop – it was a suicide.

Gone Are Those Days

He silently started to cry as he knew just a call from him could had kept her alive and smiling. Apparently, for him, it was his too busy work that forbidden him from a minute of call which actually had killed that angel. It was shaking his whole body while thinking about the emotional turmoil she would had gone threw before terminating her life. He was literally dead while feeling the real heat of the situation as clock ticks every second.

It was one of the costliest lesson to realize the fact that keeps a relationship alive and smiling. Yes – “Be Right There“, Hope you understood where?


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