Relationship Goals – A Love Hack

How long it takes to shatter one’s strong belief on an eternal relationship and get to know of a trendy Relationship Lesson.? Sincerely, I had no answer till meeting that Lover girl.

The City Life:

It was a jackpot Friday. Yes, my Manager did not turn up to office due to some sickness. Hence I had a chance to escape early. Leaving early on a Friday was awesome but had to do something with the attendance log which otherwise will reveal my early exit. I acted immediately and Faulted the Exit attendance with a planned double swipe outs. So that the number of In-Swipes wont Match the Out-Swipes. It was really a pleasure to nail the attendance system which otherwise nails you the every other day.

The Passive Aggressive Battlefield

Cool Clever Lovable Guy facing paradigm shiftI had just reached the bus stop. My residence was 24 kilometers away from my office, well inside the city. I had stopped using my Car for a few months now for giving in my part of fighting against Carbon Emissions and Also considering the distance, two wheeler was not an option. Commuting on town bus with the raging crowd towards city was really a night mare but I was used to it in those 3 months. The bus on my route had arrived in time, my Goodness, that even with a few vacant seats. That means, I can travel by a window seat for the 24 km journey back home.

I had no words to describe my excitement which was little shorter than watching Sachin finishes his ton with a whopping Himalayan sixer. When boarding the Bus, I was wondering if my maid was a sacred soul at whose face I woke up on that day and got indeed well repeated fortunes.

Relationship Goals – The Love Hack(er):

I was in a dilemma before occupying a seat as there were multiple vacant seats. The typical problem of a middle class guy in India when having too many options to pick. Finally settled down in a seat comfortably and started snooping out. The green waste lands were transforming into residential plots. I had no idea, who ‘ll be willing to buy plots in such a far reach of city. Seconds later, there was mega flux banner bearing answer for my question – Rush to book, only 3 plots are left. Oh, well. They had already sold nearly 90+ plots in such a remote area which was something beyond my comprehension.

modern girl with face full coveredBus was pacing slowly like a jungle Safari Jeep. As I had a seat, I had no issues. In the very next stop, a young girl boarded the bus. She had covered most of her face with a shawl or something – a long piece of cloth going round and round around her face. The head phones were running beneath the cloth towards her ears. I used to see such a dress up in many a places before. It sounded me like a recent trend to stay away from pollution. She sat on the empty seat ahead of me. It was a bit boring and in a couple of minutes, sleep swallowed me with the aid of gentle window breeze.

I was woken up by a high pitched ringtone. Irritated and looked around. It was coming from her mobile who sat in front seat. I thought she had too slept to attend the phone. Sneaked through the side and saw her steady and staring at the ringing phone. In a few seconds the call got cut. Before I wonder, What’s wrong with her – the phone started to buzz again. To my surprise, she neither attended the all nor muted the call. I got irritated to the core and made up my mind to yell at her if it happens again. You know what, It happened again.

The Relationship Drama:

Before I interrupt her with a stern “Hello”, she answered the call. Without even saying a Hi or Hello, she had started to nail the other end. “Don’t you have any sense. How many times I told you …”. She went on like that for a while and paused in exhaustion. Guess that guy on the other end had a chance to speak then. Yes, the way she charged on the phone declared that it was a guy who received all those appreciations. She listened for a while and again charged him for some time. I really appreciated his patience to wait for her to finish. He sounded clever enough to make her all laughing in a matter of minutes. The situation turned from a hot summer to a breezy monsoon.

Lovers are on phone busy talkingShe was explaining some of her on going family problems and paused for him. he should have promised to be with her in all her odds, She sounded happy at the end of his replies. I was thinking, she should be lucky to have such a guy. Also she was declining to come out with him in bike and told in a pleading voice as she had assignments to complete that weekend. “What a sensible and practical girl with such a traditional values”, wondered me. Really appreciated her attitude in mind and her image stood tall in front of me. I instantly prayed god to help that true lovers in being together.

A Romantic Twist:

I had completely lost my tiredness and happily overheard her by leaning towards my front, imitating that I was actually sleeping. With every minute passed, they proved that they were made for each other. One consoled and empathized another. I really exclaimed how great it would be to have such a girl in life. I was wondering, with whom and how my marriage is going to be.?

Suddenly, I sensed some change in her voice. Snooped through the sideways what happened. She was looking at her phone and speaking hesitantly. Looked like she got a waiting call. A few seconds later, she started pausing her dialogues again, guess the new caller did not gonna leave them. She spoke in a husky voice, “hey wait. My dad is calling repeatedly. We shall cut now and call me after some time”. I thought these pathetic Indian Dad’s always create a fuss when ever their wards are happy. I was intensely cursing her Dad who interrupted this exhilarating overhearing session.

Relationship Goals – A Love Lesson:

Well, she switched the call hesitantly but her face as well as her voice modulation went so cool. She looked excited rather than annoyed. It was strange for me, why she was so happy to talk with her Dad who actually interrupted her Love talk? Man puzzled in seeing a girl faking over loversI got the answer instantly and her image which stood tall in my mind just shattered into pieces. She had started to talk with the new caller, ” Hey Honey. Where were you? I miss you very much da”.

I went crazy, “what the … She was doing.?”. It struck me at once, It was not her Dad and all. Some another guy with whom she was talking more intimately than the first guy. I had no words to express my pathetic condition, that too praying for her love and all. In a matter of seconds, I recovered myself and Started to laugh about my prayer for her awkward proposal. The paradigm of her Love which shifted in a matter of seconds.

The Confessions:

When the Bus was nearing my stop, I started to move from my seat. You know what, She was still on that call, responding “This weekend?, Ya, Free only. If you bring the Car, then no problem”. I understood, she turned down the first guy not because of her weekend assignments, just as he had no car.

I shook my head in disgust and laughed desperately while nearing the steps, ignoring the stares of others. Well, It was a great relationship lesson for me and I advised myself, “Beware of such Deceptive Love Personalities and Appealing  Love Illusionists”.

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