Relationship Goals : Raising Children – Effects of Positive Parenting Styles

In raising children, setting up the Feasible, Realistic yet the most successful relationship Goals is inevitable to shape up the young minds. What could be the best parental advice that a couple can get .? What are the different parenting styles and What is Positive Parenting .? How to be a successful parent .? How to discipline your mischievous child .? are a few famous queries among the enthusiastic modern parents who lack the ground reality in one way or another.

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Raising Children – Tip #1

To Worry Vs Not To Worry .?

Modern parents worry for things that are not to be worried at all. They fall prey for improbable issues. In the same time, Modern parenting Styles fail to notice the Issues that are significant.

‘Not To Worry’ List in Raising Children:

  • A stranger will kidnap your child on the street and harm or kill him/her.
  • Your child will touch a surface that hasn’t been sterilized today and succumb to some terrible disease.
  • Terrorism or Anti Socials or Natural Calamities will somehow kill your child.

‘To Worry’ List in Raising Children:

  • Statistically, young children spend almost 5 hours in a day glued by their LBB in front of any Visual Medium. It can be a computer or a TV or a Smart Phone .. etc

Over protecting parents spoils the kids

  • Almost 75% of our Modern day Kids have no idea what a Healthy Physical activity would look like. Whose fault is it .? Whose responsibility is that to advise them of any kind of physical work out an hour a day, that induce high sweating and pulse.
  • More than 50% of children fail to consume the prescribed quantities of vegetables and fruits. The sad truth is that they are running on high-calorific foods and hence lack in many essential nutrients sourced from Vegetables and fruits.

The renowned fact is that by the time someone gets killed by terrorism, hundreds get killed by Diabetes. Better to lead a contended life of what you have. Or, at least try to worry for those things that really matter and have some better frequency of occurrence.

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Raising Children – Tip #2

Train to Fish Vs Feed a Fish:

“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Supply your kids with abundant resources irrespective of it’s relevance and necessity is a kind of Bad Parenting Style. You don’t teach anything but force feed your kids. Keeping your kid contended is good, but make them aware of things is essential.

Raising Children - Impacts of Parenting styles

Emotional intelligence in Raising Children

  • Emotional intelligence is all about being aware of and manage your own emotions and in the same time, being sensitive to the emotions of people around you.
  • Intellectual knowledge is acquired, but emotional intelligence comes only via practice. Its an essential part of one’s character and keep one going in odds of their life.
  • Kids go busy by means of home work, extracurricular activities and both by social media and technology. Due to which teaching emotions intelligence often a challenge for parents in raising children.
  • Academic achievements really matters. But that should not be a obstacle for kids who develop their emotional intelligence in a day to day basis.
  • Never be a Neglectful Parent or a Over Protective parent – be a Sensitive Parent in raising children.
  • Best Parenting style asses how your child deals with tricky situations and help them evolve emotionally.

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Raising Children – Tip #3


This is the reverse of what we saw above – Keeping the child engaged in some kind of task all the time. Let the kid raise in its own towards developing imagination, ingenuity and character.

Modern day Parenting styles go over enthusiastic at times and give no room of disappointment for their child. The child is given no chance to deal with disappointment which often proves to be a critical skill to lead a better life.

Issues of over parenting in raising children


Another poor parenting style is inflated praising. Praising that was exaggerated beyond a limit fails to solve its purpose. Over praising make kids too fragile and they are no way ready for criticism. This behavior leads to a state where a normal praising word sounds unpleasant to the kid


Often parents tend to order their Kids of what to do and what not to. This is absolutely alright if backed up with a reasoning or a rationale for that. The result is kids loosing self confidence and never ready to attempt something new. They go stereotyped by the default ways instructed to them. The Ideal Parenting Style should have reasoning for every instruction given, so that the kid can develop its own reasoning while trying something new.

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Raising Children – Tip #4

Career Myths of bad parenting  style in raising children,

  • If a Kid has scored good marks in schooling, he/she has to take Maths or Science stream.
  • Arts and Commerce degrees are only for average and weak students.
  • If a Kid is good in Reasoning, he/she should become a Engineer.
  • If a Kid likes computer, he/she should become a software engineer.
  • If a Kid sketches well, he/she should be a medicine aspirant.

Quite funny. Isn’t it .?

Career Myths in raising children - parenting styles

Raising Children – Tip #5

Know What You Do and Do it Right

  • Good Parenting style Focuses on what your kid learnt than whether they got it right

    • Bad parenting style is shouting like “you should have known better/why can’t you understand this?”
    • Good parenting style is asking them, “Do you see where you went wrong? Why do you think you got it right?”
    • Kids screw things often. Never humiliate them in public which spoils their character.
  • Good Parenting style Never Compares

    • While raising children, Good Parents never compare their Kid’s with others. Whether it’s against your own childhood or the other kids, Comparing with others just gonna lower their self-esteem.

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Raising Children – Tip #6

Overprotective vs Care-Free in Raising Children

  • Good Parenting style never overprotect.

    • Spoon Feeding your kid is only going to cripple their ability to function independently.
    • Let your kid leave your locality at 15, so that they explore new places at 16.
    • By 11 let them mix up with your neighbors and the shops, streets, etc in it.
    • By 12-13 let them go to hang out with friends, etc.
    • By 14-15, let them travel alone, or with a boyfriend/girlfriend.
    • Relax. Your child isn’t exposed to danger, the moment they set foot onto a street. As long as your child is matured enough, there is no problem in sending them outside your clutches.

Overprotecting parents cause problems to kids

  • Good Parenting style never be too care-free

    • Your 5-year-old kid shouldn’t be on Facebook or an online racing game.
    • Your 9-year-old shouldn’t be roaming alone at night.

Raising Children – Tip #7

  • Good Parenting style never dismiss your child’s suggestions too quickly.

    • They want a phone? Ask them why.?
    • If they expose to danger, say no– but explain why.
    • But if it’s as simple as wanting an online blog, make compromises by restricting their blogging time to 30 minutes a day .. etc
    • Good parents never be rude in raising their kid.
  • No Sexual Indifference in Raising Children.

    • Yelling your son that ‘stop crying like a girl’, or telling your daughter ‘she can’t take kung-fu because she is not a boy’ is a worst parenting style.
    • All your kids should have the same advantages and disadvantages as of others.

Relationship Goals – Love and Respect

  • Stop taking things to your head while Raising your Children

    • You are not the reason for your kid getting lower grades.
    • If your child dressing revealingly when she’s finding it comfortable – Its none of your business.
    • In raising children best Parenting Style is to remember, You have no rights to alter their life.
    • Don’t try to get fame through your kid. If you do so, then you’re seriously lacking something.

In raising children - Treat the kids equally

Raising Children – Tip #8

Be Right There for your child

  • In the current scenario, The child doesn’t get much attention at home as parents are predominantly working professionals.
  • Good parenting style is to realize “money is not everything in life”.
  • Admitting your kid in a world class facility is not the end of your parenting duty.
  • Never show your office pressure at home. Your kid might sub-consciously think that there is no one for him or her. The sense of depression begins to unfold slowly.

Here is Why You Should Be Right There At A Right Time

  • Make an eye to eye interaction with your kid everyday.
  • Never fight or verbally abuse with your partner in front of your kid.
  • In raising children, The best parent is the ones who boost their Kid’s confidence on them.
  • Be right there – anytime and every time.

Raising Children – Tip #9

Good parenting style goes Out Of Box

  • Let the kid get sick, and get well without medical support. Running for a consultation for common cold is nothing but a bull **it in Raising Children.
  • Appreciate mindfully for what Your kid had done on that day and  make them sleep happily and peacefully. Do it every day.

Encourage kids every day

  • In a process of raising children, Ideal parents tell their ward how proud they are because of him/her. This would help them build their self confidence.

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  • Once a week Spend a night together as a whole family in the same bed/room. It helps them feel secured and allows them to share secrets, etc.,
  • Never compromise if your child cries, it will create a false impression. Good parenting style avoids doing things when the kid behave adamant. It helps them build their character.

Adopting a better Parenting Style in Raising Children is the first step in moving towards an ideal way of living with high morale standards.


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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