Relationship Goals : Healthy Relationships Vs Unhealthy Relationships

What are the signs of a Healthy Relationship? How an unhealthy Relationship looks like .? How a Healthy Relationship can be identified and differentiated against an Unhealthy relationship? What are all the key focus areas for strengthening a relationship ?

Characteristics of an Unhealthy Relationship:

Unhealthy relationships are a apin

For instance consider that you are in a relationship with the following symptoms.

  • You are fearful, or forced to be very careful with your partner to keep him or her calm
  • Your partner will be too easily hurt or offended by you
  • You are afraid that your partner will potentially hurt you (mentally, emotionally, or physically)

Then It’s evident that your relationship is unhealthy and off track. Also to consider that It’s high time to look for chances to renovate your relationship to put things back on track.

Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship:

In a healthy relationship,

  • Both the partners feel respected and they Love and Respect mutually.
  • They treat the other one kindly, even when they are angry or disagree.
  • People want the best for the other and Can expect support from each other.
  • They are happy when the other one is happy and Helpful when they are Sad.
  • You make each other greater and more empowered to be independent as individuals.
  • You are aware of the other person’s needs and wants and actively help them achieve those things such as learning new things, staying healthy, going to school, living abroad, finding a job.
  • If someone is important to your friend/partner, they become important to you as well. You understand what matters to your partner and care about the the same lives.
  • You trust your friend/partner absolutely and share their world with all of its joys and worries.

Essential Elements of a healthy relationship

This can exist in romantic relationships, friendship, among family members, and other forms of relationships as well.

Exception to the other living things, Human beings have an ability to increase their capacity of love. There is no preset limit on the amount of Love and The number of people we can love. Loving your Wife doesn’t mean you love your Mom or Siblings any less.

Healthy Relationships help it’s partners to lead a better and meaningful life than what they would have had otherwise.

When you are in a Healthy Relationship,

  • You feel a shared trust, empathy and connection.
  • You care immensely for the other person and trust that they will care about you in the same way.
  • Your happiness is dependent on their success in the things they want to succeed in
  • You trust that this is mutual and not forced in any way.
  • You are loved unconditionally.

No one can force closeness with our mates. It’s your choice to be more close or less close with your  partner. Note that We only have the ability to give and receive, not to demand or expect.

Tips for Making Healthy Relationships:

How to manage a healthy relationship

Loving relationships take hell lots of effort. But you know, every bit of such effort will pay you back in multiples. Following are the extracts of numerous case studies and researches done on this topic.

Relationship Goals – Conflict Management

  • Every relationship face conflicts. How they handle those conflicts – makes all the difference.
  • When you cant compromise, the best next way is to Fight Fair.
    • Listen to your Mate.
    • Let her/Him talk
    • Speak Directly and Clearly to the point.
    • No reference to the past events just for the sake of proving you are right.
    • Consider the views of others.
    • Give a thought on How they interpret your views.
    • Don’t work for an agreement, but for a better understanding.

Relationship Goals – Develop common beliefs 

  • People grow and thus their experience, opinion and Interest.
  • Mates who have shared common core belief system often excels in relationships.
  • Have Fun in everything you share together.
  • Let it be gardening, canoeing or anything, Build Inclusive moments.

Relationship Goals – Listen and Connect

  • At times, just listening to a problem itself a Solution to that problem.
  • Be clear about your intention and Communicate openly to the point.
  • No one is a mind reader. So speak out.
  • Love Unconditionally, Share your feelings and Connect emotionally.
  • Focus the arguments on Feelings and Emotions. Not on Facts and Figures.


Relationship Goals – Have some Common Time

Relationship Goals – Protect Who You Are

Human beings are complex creatures with wide varieties of numerous interests and passion. Expecting your partner to match all your needs and interests is literally insane. So what .? Its better to Go Solo or getting together with your friends or Colleagues for such activities.

Relationship Goals – Constantly Care

  • Constantly communicate your partner about your care on them.
  • Passive Aggressiveness ruins the game. Never engage it in a relationship.
  • Never forget to complement for a good work
  • When your partner does something kind, let them know

Relationship Goals – Dream together

  • Discuss about your Relationship Goals and Dreams.
  • Plan how you work together to achieve them.

Having a common dream and Chasing the same is an immense pleasure.

Relationship Goals – Respect your differences

  • How your finger prints do not match, so as the partners in a relationship.
  • How do you manage those differences
    • without becoming over-reactive
    • without disengaging from each other
  • Love Unconditionally.

How to create a healthy relationship

Relationship Goals – Protect Who They Are

  • Not only protecting your passions is your right, protecting your Partner’s Interests too.
  • Let your partner be themselves in your relationship.
  • Prepare a list of your partner’s positive qualities and do reminded of the same.

Relationship Goals – Seek Support

  • Don’t wait too much to seek professional support.
  • View medical intervention as a scientific way of resolving relationship issues.
  • Seeking medical advice is a sign of failure.
  • Therapies help you to bridge the gaps in a relationship in a expertise way.

Essence of a Healthy Relationship

  • Love someone for who they are, not who they could be/might be.
  • Maintaining respect at all times, regardless of how angry or hurt you are.
  • Growing together as people and individually with hobbies, new interests, and separate talents.
  • Keep your quarrels private and always maintain united togetherness in front for other people.
  • Trust your partner completely.

Most of all, Let the relationship brought the best out of you.


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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