Relationship Goals – How to Identify, Approach and Attract Your Soulmate

Have you ever wondered, “How to Attract A Girl ?”. Do you know, “How to ensure if your Crush is really compatible to you  .?” How to overcome the Fear of approaching a Girl and the Fear of Failure .?

Let’s start with some interesting statistics.

  • The probability of a venture capital investment to yield you a result is 0.2 %. i.e, 1 in 500.
  • The probability of loses to be encountered by a young business man before tasting his first success is ~ 10 times in average

Now the question is how did they lived up to such a series of failures?

  • They moved on every time when they failed.
  • They attempted something new.
  • They explored fresh options.
  • They resorted to new ideas.
  • They tried every possible way and worked on it until it fails / succeeds.

The ultimate truth is that you need to try and try until you settle with the right one in your hard earned relationship.

7 Relationship Goals for a Happy Married Life – Proven Techniques

Relationship Goals – How To Attract A Girl ?

Here we go with some Old School techniques and you bet, they are still considered to be most effective.

Let your heart Speak

Have you ever attempted to walk to her, with a inviting smile and start a conversation with a Hi. You have no away attract or close with your women by keeping your mouth shut.

Tips for attracting women

Be an Active Listener

Most of the women wants people who really pays their attention while they talk. It might sound silly or vague for you. But never forget, the one talking is a Human being and whatever they talk are at most important to them. Keep showing that you are on the same topic and following her by keeping the conversation going with interactions. If you have no idea what she is talking about, ask her the clarifying questions. Believe, women are attracted towards them who ask encouraging questions.

Be Appreciative

Show your interest in her, appreciative on the things she like. Praise openly about her achievements. It could either be driving a space ship or cooking noodles, just appreciate the good work. In the same time, be polite on stating your talents and no matter, never be self-obsessed.

Be considerate

Relationships demand more. In a companionship, flow of emotions are always a part of the parcel. Often the stake holders think that their demands have higher priority than the other. Comparing emotional needs of two different persons in a relationship is like comparing Apples and Oranges. So better be considerate of her emotional needs in order to get her attracted. At times, the need is for you to go. Well, I already told you, all part of the parcel.

Prioritize & Be Right There For Your Loved Ones

Be Fun Loving

A moment of fun can shatter the silence of a day. Be a fun loving partner in your approach towards your crush. If it’s not your cup of tea, at least try to be. It helps you a lot in pulling your girl close and healthy for your relationship too.

Be independent and confident

Don’t try to be nice and waiting to do favors for her. You are a companion, a fair partner – Not a Pet animal. No one get attracted towards others by means of the favors, but through their personalities. So be a man you are. Prioritize your goals in life and stick to them. Favor someone who is in need of it and first of all, worth of it. Mind it – Favoring for something in return would spoil the whole relationship approach.

Be Honest

People often tend to exaggerate things in order to impress their partner. At times, they tend to lie too. The sad truth is that they believe that they have succeeded with it. Even if they had Objectively won the argument, what really stand tall was their false image which eventually will fade away, one day or another. So be honest while approaching a women.

How To Differentiate a Healthy Relationship against an Unhealthy Relationship .?

Recent Trends on Attracting Girls?

tips and tricks on How to attract woman

Lets have a touch on some recent trends too.

  • Nowadays, everyone is boring and getting bored and the Girls too. They hate regular guys with fixed formula in their approach. Women need variety.
  • Not all Girls fall for some one’s celebrity status. But they fall invariably for an interesting personality that simply makes it impossible to fail noticing him.
  • “Being different” makes men irresistible. I
    • It’s about being your own self
    • Not caring what others will think of you.
  • Often “Being different” would be considered rude and unpredictable, Sadly that’s what attractive to women.
  • “Being unpredictable” in your approach.
    • Women expect to expect unexpected.
    • Be Yourself. Don’t care what others think and screw the norms.
  • Pump yourself up with positive energy like driven by steroids. This implies that you can do whatever you want and whenever you want.
  • Statistically, Controversies attract women. So better get into any 😉
  • Not seeking other’s reaction, sparks attraction in women.
  • Women are attracted to easy-going men who do what they want to do 😉
  • At times. interrupting a girl talking is a sign of rudeness, that RUDE interruption turns attraction in a girl at times.

How To Build An Everlasting Respectful Relationship of Love

Prepare Yourself for Attracting Your Girl

  • Be yourself and make yourself get noticed in the crowed.
  • Tune your Body language.
  • Join Toastmasters 😉
  • Get ready for the Best ; Prepare for the worst ;
  • Try, Try, Never Say Die.
  • Never be a Self Centrist Crap.
  • Be like a Man.
  • Keep exploring on the topic (Books and Magazines help a lot)

Relationship Goals – How To Pick A Right Woman

How to choose the right partner

Relationship Theory of Compatibility

Consider a Man approaching a Woman, There are only 2 possible outcomes.

  • She accepts him.
  • She rejects him.

Hence the point is “No one have control over other’s choices”. Neither you nor me. To say frankly, there is no point in tricking or foul playing to control your partner’s reaction. So the best approach is to identify if she likes you naturally. In other words, Without any manipulation and Bias, ensure if you guys are compatible to lead a Healthy Relationship. Manipulating one to like you is only gonna hurt both of you.

Beware of Fake and Dramatic Love Hacks – A Real time Example

Relationship Theory of Manipulation

Following manipulations to attract a girl would never gonna work – at least in a longer run.

  • Imitating to be more funny than you are.
  • Showing up as more accomplished than you are.
  • Showing up as more wealthy than you are.
  • Showing up as more successful than you are.

Psychologically if you see, why would one involve in such manipulations to win a relationship?. The main reason is “The Fear of Rejection” if she gets to know who and what you actually are.

This attitude fails you big time and even if it doesn’t, it means that the girl has Psychological issues and hence she does not worth your attempts. So either ways, It’s only gonna fail you.

Relationship Theory of Natural Fit

Naturally compatible couple

How it goes here ?

  • You engage her in conversation
  • You judge from her reaction whether she is enjoying it
  • If yes, you ask her out.
  • Then you let her decide.

What happens next ?

  • She may decide that she isn’t interested.
    • She might have one or a million reasons.
    • She thinks you are not her type.

It doesn’t matter. Whatever she decides, you respect that and you move on like a gentle man.

  • She may like you.
    • She will accept your invitation
    • The two of you start the courtship dance to discover whether you really are a good match.

How does that feel to Love a Perfect Soulmate tail-made for You

Relationship Goals – Never Fear Of Failure

Tips to Overcome Fear of Failure

  • Understand the reality of rejection. Sadly it has the highest probability in an approach.
  • Accept the adverse consequences of your approach towards a girl.
    • Take a deep breath
    • Look around – Sky looks exactly the same as it was before she turned you down.
  • Be like a Man and Behave like a Gentle Man.
  • Attempt again with all those hard earned experiences.
  • Remember – There are a million out there, awaiting for your exploration.


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!


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