Relationship Goals – Never Mess With Your Wife

 One day or another these 7 Rules for a successful marriage might prove Life Saver for any men. No matter, If you are in a relationship or already married or any intention of getting into a relationship, This is for You.

Relationship Goals – Wife’s Kitchen

       In a sense, men could be considered as the king of a house. But please note, here the word house covers everything but kitchen, where only the wife rules. What?, If you claim no, let’s ask Mr.Science. Believe it or Not, It’s a scientifically proven fact that the women can easily distinguish contents in 10 identical bottles in her kitchen even from a fair distance. But what about you Sir ..? It is also scientifically proven that this is no way possible for men, even if the bottles are non identical.

Relationship Goal #1 : Kitchen – Exercise Caution.

Relationship Goals – Beware of Cooking

women-are-great-cook-urgidHusband may be the chief of chefs in Taj. But don’t forget that that authenticity applies only within his work area in Taj. If he claims the same in home, he will need to call the Hotel, not his wife, even for a cup of coffee.

Relationship Goal #2 : Take your cooking talents off right at the door.

      It seems uncontrollable for men not to compare his wife’s recipes with their Mom’s. In that case, beware, you gonna be severely punished for rest of your life. A point to ponder – Mom fed us right from the day we born. Her cooking style and ingredients introduced the tastes to us and hence our taste buds are adjusted to that style apparently. Even if one’s wife cooks better than his Mom, husband may not feel that just because he is yet to get used to it.

     Behave like a poor beggar at home, eat well and appreciate everything she serves with love. Learn the Secrets of a Happy Married Life.

Relationship Goal #3 : Never Ever Compare

Relationship Goals – Let Her Shop

let-the-women-shopRightly said, men are from mars and women are from Venus. The best recreation for men is roaming around over a glass of .. or sitting and relaxing. I do believe that men have inbuilt laziness of an wild animal.

      But what recreates our counterparts ?  Boundless space of unexplored spots, tonnes of colorful apparels, From top class Malls to Roadside shops, From ‘Banaras’ silk to worn out jeans, From Gucci to street made, From L’Oreal to Local Fancy store. Women need variety. Make a wise choice of accompanying her than Leaving her with your wallet.

Relationship Goal #4 : Do not stop her to shop

Relationship Goals – Men Can’t Baby sit

wives-are-best-babysitters-urgidWoman are in natural synchronization with the kid. The synchronization of a pup and the owner. When entering home after office, kids jump at Dad, Showering love – like a pet dog. Caution, with these instances on mind, at Any moment of anger, never challenge your wife for baby sitting. Once tried with a terrible end, later realized, all those hugs and kisses were just for minutes, that too when the Mom is not around.

Gone Are Those Days – Love Before and After Marriage

      Keep calm and learn to smile at difficult times than challenging at her, just for the fact, Men are not meant for baby sitting.

Relationship Goal #5 : Women are always Super Moms, Accept it.

Relationship Goals – Jewelry saves Life

If every ounce of gold comes out of Indian homes for a national cause, India can pay out all its credits and will become a super power in seconds, claims a survey. But we don’t do that for a local cause – Every urgent need of cash in many Indian households relay only on those reserves.

Even when the whole world was taken away by recession, Indian homes never felt the heat, guess what? Don’t question but Worship our women, for acquiring and accumulating those reserves even at the lowest income levels.

Relationship Goal #6 : Buying Jewels is an Investment, Encourage it.

wives-like-beauty-parlor-urgidRelationship Goals – Parlor gives Peace of Mind

After a certain age, Men loose interest in the way they look. White hair and a few wrinkles on face are just fine.

         But for a woman, it’s not that easy. Their sense of extrinsic aesthetics go strong with their age. A white hair and a wrinkle may sound really bad. Beautification becomes an inflating integral part of budget planning.

         Never mind and Start respecting their needs, nevertheless, one does not want to see a pathetic wrinkled face welcoming at home after a hectic tiresome office day.

Relationship Goal #7 : Parlor brings Peace of Mind, Allow it.


 Good Luck and Keep in touch.!

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