Story – Agalya

All starts with a meeting at Commissioner’s office discussing on a priority issue – A poster printed with the text “Will Agalya be alive?” been pasted all over the City. Search begins to trace’ “Who is Agalya.? and What is the knot behind.?”

Same time a few demands received by a Millionaire’s family just to stop the proceedings of a upcoming marriage of their elder daughter. Also demanding to write down all their assets to an orphanage as the assets are not originally belonging to them.

Both of these tracks are indeed revealed that a mere set up to divert the people involved. Actually the name in the poster “Agalya” was not the name at all, but a combination of First letters of the Millionaire’s Sons and Daughters. 

Originally the whole set up was planned by the Son in Law to be, just to terminate the siblings of his wife to be and hence get away with the complete asset without any share to anybody.

The Plan was excellently brought out to light by the Commissioner through breaking into the Setup Drama that was planned by the Son in Law to be. Commissioner uses the Key player in the drama to imitate the jobs assigned to him like he had done it, but originally he had not. So that no one will doubt on the plan and effectively caters the final sequences that brings the real villain himself out.

Source : Agalya by Rajesh Kumar

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