Story – Showers of Love

Two close friends, Anand and Sundar are at their final year of Post graduation. Anand is a passionate singer and fall in love with a beautiful girl Akila whom he meets at a inter college competition.

Sundar helps Anand to collect details about Akila and informs that she is a only daughter of a super rich family also assures that he will help with his Love. Sundar, a Man of words, manages to arrange a get together and surprisingly reveals to Anand the fact that Akila is nothing but his Cousin. Anand and Akila likes each other right then and eventually become soul mates.

In the background, Akila’s Mom is a cunning Lady who acquired a lot of wealth through immoral practices and cheating their own relatives. She also dreams to Marry her daughter to Sundar so that she would enjoy her Brothers (Akila’s Mom and Sundar’s Dad are siblings) wealth altogether. But Sundar has different Plans and treats Akila as only his Sister.

Sundar Falls in love with Selvi, who was a House Maid for Akila’s Family. Selvi is basically a innocent, damn good looking girl who had been ill-treated and forcefully retained by Akila’s mother as she is trustworthy and accountable. For the sake of retaining her, Akila’s Mom married her to a old guy and eventually she became a widow within a few days after Marriage, so that Akila’s Family was a only Hope for Selvi now.

Selvi as a Loyal maid to the family, decides to run away after knowing that Sundar is in Love with her, though she had a soft corner for him, Just for the sake of not betraying Akila’s Mom. She lands in Salem and get into a Ladies Hostel as fellow cook. One another truth unfolds here, that is, the chief cook of the Hostel is nothing by Anand’s Mom.

In the search of Selvi, Sundar reaches out Anand and eventually meets Selvi in Salem. After knowing the heart of Sundar, Selvi decides to take up any challenge in marrying him.

Finally, the big clash among the families due to these misshapes erupts and ends when Anand and his mom reaches the Spot. Anand’s Mom got shocked to meet Akila’s Mom and a flash back unfolds there. Anand’s father was a super rich guy who was betrayed by his own Brother’s wife and looses all his Assets. The culprit here was nothing but Akila’s Mom. After knowing this, Anand gains confidence in marrying Akila as she is nothing but her Maternal Cousin.

Finally Akila’s mom accepts Anand as a Remedy for her betrayal to their family and Also Sundar’s parents accepts Selvi after knowing her noble heart.

Source : Moga Mazhai by Anuradha Ramanan


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