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Renuka an orthodox, Gentle and Very good looking lady, elder daughter of a school head master was married to Bharathram, the only son of a rich lawyer. Bharathram himself a lawyer who is ready to do anything for money. Bharathram’s parents actually visit Renuka’s house to ask her for their Gumastha’s Son who was blindly in love with that girl, of-course, one-sided. But the couple were got swept away by seeing her beauty and make the deal for their own Son. Gumastha’s poor Son ends his life after knowing that he was betrayed.

 Loghanathan, the family driver who is with the family right from his childhood, have great admiration and respect for Renuka. Also, he was insisted by his mother right from his childhood to show full gratitude towards the family as they are the only source for their day to day living. He attempts many a times to rescue her from her issues, but ends in vein against the sharp instincts and foul-plays of Bharathram.

 Bharathram keeps an image in front of their family and relatives that he was so much loving his wife and trying to pull her back into normal life but she is already too much into it. Her own Son and Daughter hates her to an extent that they don’t want her even to attend their marriage.

 At one point of time, the family plans for his elder Son’s marriage and decides to keep Renuka away from the occasion. Bharathram’s fear was that she might reveal his faking mask off in front of his own family and relatives. So he decides to put her in one of his client’s guest house and sets Loghu to take care of her. But somehow, Renuka smells the thing and storms into the marriage venue and creates a big mess. Unfortunately the venue had her daughter’s Boy friend and His Mom, an attempt made by her daughter to convince them by showing the grandeur of their family. The Son and Mom who are from a Royal family got upset and drifts off from the venue.

 After a point of time, Renuka came to know about this and tries to pull the broken things off with her daughter’s boyfriend and His Mom. But things are just lay against her good instinct. She broke completely when she hear about her family’s decision to get her daughter adopted by her own Sister to proceed for the Marriage attempts. Meanwhile, Loghu succeeds in convincing the lady and she got moved after hearing the noble instincts of Renuka in the past, due to her there were so many families leading a reasonable life.

Renuka Fell in sick with her unsuccessful attempts and admitted in Hospital. Loghu reaches Hospital with the Lady who shows a helping hand to Renuka at her final moments. She blasts every one of Renuka’s family for their irresponsibility of not trying to help her out. The sequence and touching and Heartwarming. Story ends with the heavy note whereby every one understands their mistakes and before anyone help her out, Renuka seizes in contention that at least her wards finally understood her. She closes her eyes forever before her mindless husband reaches hospital, evidently for the reason, He was not to be forgiven.

Source : Thodath Thodath Thodarum by Anuradha Ramanan


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