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Vignesh, a technical geek, newly married, Working in Atomic Research Center located in New Delhi. He is in a very responsible post and only in-charge of controlled atomic emissions sector of the Center and hence he has the Key to initiate and execute the controlled atomic sequences in lab environment which otherwise may create a nuclear calamity.

A anti social group supported by some Foreign Super Powers is planning to execute atomic explosions in New Delhi and they want to make use of Vignesh’s twin brother Tamilarasan for the purpose as he resembles Vignesh in look. 

Tamilarasan, a hard core fan of leading tamil actress Ajantha, in Chennai Central prison for nabbing some one who verbally ill spoke of Ajantha. Ajantha who is supporting this anti social activities for a lump-sum amount, meets him after his release and seeks his help to protect from her enemies. As a sincere fan, he was ready to do anything for her. She convinces him to nab her enemies and sends him to New Delhi.

In the same time, Vignesh is taken into the custody of Police Commissioner, Patel, who set up a some public properties in Vignesh’s car boot to set him under arrest. In the course of inquiry, Vignesh is attacked by Balbir, a Police Constable as part of the plan and getting him admitted in a local Private Hospital by Patel. Patel actually hides him somewhere and puts his twin brother in ICU and acts in front of his wife that he is about to undergo a critical operation. The chief of the Hospital who is a part of this Plan also convince her and only allows her to see him from a distance. She was unable to identify the wrong man as the brothers were identical twins.

The actual plan is to perform a operation and insert a chip in Tamilarasan’s head which will make him behave like Vignesh, so that he can enter easily into the atomic center and create the chain of uncontrolled reactions. The culprits are put a escape plan in place and they can operate him through a remote. Also Once the task is done, planning to terminate the victims.

Meanwhile in Tamil Nadu, a reporter smells a link between Ajantha and the anti social group, writes a gossip about the same. Inspector Sampath, just initiate a personal investigation on this matter and trying to meet the reporter in her apartment and see her missing. But the city DGP orders him to convert this missing into a normal case as he get big pressure from New Delhi. But Sampath, as a dedicated and sincere Cop approaches a private detective agency to look into it further.

Detectives from Third Eye investigation agency taking up this task and smells that the gossip closely matches with Ajantha. Before they step in further, Ajantha ends herself in her own car which creates more doubts for Sampath and the detectives.

On the spot detectives observe A mysterious guy always on phone and speaking with code words. They follow him and reveals their plan. And hence a Tamil Nadu police squad flies to New Delhi to nail the culprits.

In New Delhi, before moments of Operation, Tamilarasan happened to know the anti social issue through a nurse Margaret, who was part of the plan earlier and eventually changed her mind for saving her Nation. The Tamil Nadu Police squad arrives at right time to the hospital and gets the baddies into their custody.

Same-time, Vignesh was helped by the constable Balbir, who changed his mind like Margaret for the sake of his country and Hence, Vignesh escapes from the plot just before getting nabbed. Also commissioner Patel is getting arrested for his misuse of power.

Finally, the brothers who were apart by conflicts of interests, happily settles together.

Source : Anbu Valai by Rajesh Kumar

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