Story – Touch of a Devil

Balaji, a rational guy from Tamil Nadu travelling to Vayanad, Kerala to meet his Uncle regarding an employment opportunity. His uncle stays in a remote hilly area which is in control by a Namboodhri called Sudhaman. No one of that locality knows of Namboodhri’s age and past as he lives in that Hill for more than a few generations. People are so scared of him and no one dares to intervene him.

 It was a heavy rainy day. Struggling Balaji, on the way to his Uncle’s residence, happens to see a Person of Gigantic look with long straight hair, walking in hurry on a sideway hilly road. What obsesses Balaji was the Oil Lamp carried by that Person which glows very fine even on that Harsh rain. No need to say, that person was the Namboodhri. Balaji forgets the advice by his uncle about that mysterious locality and starts follows Namboodhri.That day was the Death anniversary for Namboodhri’s Guru, with whom’s grace Namboodhri leads a eternal life. It was a mandate in life’s of Namboodhris, to take care of the Guru’s Grave on every anniversary otherwise they will loose their Pisasic Powers.

Namboodhri reaches the place and starts to chant sitting before the grave in rain. Balaji observes him from a hide-out. When Namboodhri moves around, a black chanted thread comes off from arm and falls down. Once the Namboodhri left that place, Balaji takes a closer look and picks up the thread. Unknowing of the devil in hand, he reaches out his Uncles Home. When a change, the thread falls from his pocket and reaches a corner of his room.

Meanwhile, Namboodhri gets into his Hut in hurry to complete his 48 days of rituals to invoke more devil powers to his custody. He shocks to see the Pit Lamp is OFF. He seeks out the Help of Yakshi (a devil source which serves Namboodhri and stays at his Hut’s wooden Entrance). Yakshi laughs back at Namboodhri and clears, am not responsible for this. He fires back, I know but Where is Madhri who was to protect the Lamp ON all the time? He chants and calls Madhri, but No response. Namboodhri fears for a first time in his life because if he fails to complete the Rituals, all his powers will fade away. For that, he needs the Pit lamp to be protected by Madhri. 

Namboodhri : Yakshi, tell me where is Madhri?
Yakshi          : How do i know? and Laughs.
Namboodhri : For the sake of your Protector, Tell me.
Yakshi          : Will you relieve me if i tell you?
Namboodhri : Thinks for a while and accepts. Tell.
Yakshi         : You thread was lost on which you had got Promise from Madhri to serve you. Now it is with a Guy named Balaji in his Home.
Namboodhri gets the location and sets out for the thread as it was 2 more hours only left to complete the Rituals.

Here is a Twist, all that happened after Balaji reaches Home were on Dream. He woke up and informs all these to His Uncle. He immediately felt something is wrong and takes him to Namboodhri. At his Hut, Namboodhri was waiting for them to turn up and tells, all he saw in dream are future and He got that power throw that Thread. Balaji on his nerve and asks in desperation if Madhri will catch him. Namboodhri replies yes, today at 12 PM. 

Balaji cant takes up the Pressure when time nearing 12 PM. He jumps out of his House and disappears in dark yelling that he is leaving vayanad. Next day Morning, Balaji’s Uncle races to Namboodhri’s Hut after heard Namboodhri is dead. He witnesses Balaji over there doing all the final rituals to Namboodhri. He yells at him to come back Home. But Balaji is in influence of Namboodhri’s Pisasic Powers and Becomes his Successor.

Source : “Asura Jathakam” by Indhira Soundar Rajan.

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