Tag: English Poetry

Poem – My Run Away Mind

The Protagonist in this poetry had gone clueless how to control his mind which run behind his Lady Love all the time. Let it be the winter or the summer or the spring or the autumn and irrespective of the part of a day say the morning or the noon or the evening or the night,

Poem – Eternal Madness of Spotless Love

 The Protagonist expresses how his Goddess of Love made him to behave like a Crazy Man – Yes, the eternal craziness of having her spotless Love. In this verses, the Lover thinking of his Love anytime and all the time. At a point, he starts to believe that she is always around him. So he talks alone as

Poem – Come Fly With Me

The protagonist seeks a boon from his Angel of love to grace her soulful deeds to live his life in an eternal way. He wanted to fly with her on the boundless space with a sparkling Love. He wanted to float with her dreams by means of a vibrant love across the Oceans. He wanna quench his