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Poem – The Pain Of Love

The Protagonist expresses how much he is agonized while dwelling in the memoirs of her Lady Love who have undergone a Painful Surgery. He expresses his willingness to bear the pain on behalf of her and begging for a way to keep her off from the horrible pain. He wonders why the time is frozen and assumes if it

Poem – You Are My Everything

 The Protagonist expresses the different characters of his Love which she exhibit through her graceful actions and flowery gestures. In this verses, the Lover expresses that his Love possess the forms of every single relationship that he actually have. At times, she resembles like his Dad, at another time, affectionate like his Mom and at times like his siblings and so

Relationship Goals – Gone Are Those Days

Relationship Goals – Fall in Love One More Time Please quit reading this article right away, If You have no past / present experience in love or if you are damn sure of loving none in the near future or if you are a person who laughs at people in love You are part of the crowd who had turned

Relationship Goals – Be Right There

Relationship Goals – Friends Forever He was about 22, charm, mannered and a social butterfly. Life was so amazing with lots of friends and engagement. He had a few relationships (of-course one at a time) and had come across so many girls. Even some were really interested on him, he was clear in one thing – Just friends, Nothing more than that. He

Story – The Infinite Loop

Renuka an orthodox, Gentle and Very good looking lady, elder daughter of a school head master was married to Bharathram, the only son of a rich lawyer. Bharathram himself a lawyer who is ready to do anything for money. Bharathram’s parents actually visit Renuka’s house to ask her for their Gumastha’s Son who was blindly in love with that

Story – Showers of Love

Two close friends, Anand and Sundar are at their final year of Post graduation. Anand is a passionate singer and fall in love with a beautiful girl Akila whom he meets at a inter college competition. Sundar helps Anand to collect details about Akila and informs that she is a only daughter of a super rich family also assures

Story – High Tides

A top class Business Man, Deenadhayal is warned by his family astrologer that he has bad signs which can only be cured by marrying a pure woman and terminate her on the same day and do some poojas with the ash. His father is a blind follower of such things and urges his Son to accept the task.

Story – Agalya

All starts with a meeting at Commissioner’s office discussing on a priority issue – A poster printed with the text “Will Agalya be alive?” been pasted all over the City. Search begins to trace’ “Who is Agalya.? and What is the knot behind.?” Same time a few demands received by a Millionaire’s family just to stop the