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How to get motivated – 8 Proven Rules on Self Motivation

All of us dream big, sometimes really big. But how many of us have the real motivation to attain those dreams or at-least the level of motivation that take us close towards the dream .? What drives the motivation in people .? What is it really takes to motivate oneself and how to motivate yourself.? Let’s discuss

The Story of a Suicide – A Classy and Compelling Read

The Foreword : You know what, The story of Suicide is one of the best laid modern day short works that stays apart from the rest through the unique thoughts it invokes. The story puts forth a handful of sensitive events that are really daring yet untouched corners of human lives which are worth finding an answer for. In the same time, The

A Helping Hand and A Help in Need

This is a real story, How a simple mindful initiative can boost someone’s self confidence and motivation to get hold off things that were really slipping out if his away – a helping hand met a help in need. A Principle for life : I had just got shifted to that new premise. Myself and my wife were busy