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Poem – My Run Away Mind

The Protagonist in this poetry had gone clueless how to control his mind which run behind his Lady Love all the time. Let it be the winter or the summer or the spring or the autumn and irrespective of the part of a day say the morning or the noon or the evening or the night,

Poem – The Pain Of Love

The Protagonist expresses how much he is agonized while dwelling in the memoirs of her Lady Love who have undergone a Painful Surgery. He expresses his willingness to bear the pain on behalf of her and begging for a way to keep her off from the horrible pain. He wonders why the time is frozen and assumes if it

Poem – You Are My Everything

 The Protagonist expresses the different characters of his Love which she exhibit through her graceful actions and flowery gestures. In this verses, the Lover expresses that his Love possess the forms of every single relationship that he actually have. At times, she resembles like his Dad, at another time, affectionate like his Mom and at times like his siblings and so