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Story – The Double Take

Roopa is a young and beautiful lady at her late 20’s who was accused of Prostitution by a super rich Business Man Shasi. Roopa had actually joined Shasi as his Personal Secretary 3 months ago. Shasi misused her and thrown out of the Job. When Roopa lodged a police complaint, Shasi turned the charges simply against her with his

Story – The Betrayal

Solar energy professor Ms.Sagunthala reaches Delhi to attend an international seminar. In her hotel room, she is threatened and sedated, hence she fails to attend the seminar. As a twist she was sedated by none other than the state’s intelligence agency based on a secret information that she gonna sell the secret of her research to a foreign

My Game and My Rules – contd

The Tuition Center He had opted out of special coaching classes outside school, as it was no longer relevant. Time to throw some glance of his village. It was little bigger than a typical Indian village, consisted of 5000 odd households, mainly involved with agriculture and farming. You can find the children, of school going

Story – The Infinite Loop

Renuka an orthodox, Gentle and Very good looking lady, elder daughter of a school head master was married to Bharathram, the only son of a rich lawyer. Bharathram himself a lawyer who is ready to do anything for money. Bharathram’s parents actually visit Renuka’s house to ask her for their Gumastha’s Son who was blindly in love with that

Story – Touch of a Devil

Balaji, a rational guy from Tamil Nadu travelling to Vayanad, Kerala to meet his Uncle regarding an employment opportunity. His uncle stays in a remote hilly area which is in control by a Namboodhri called Sudhaman. No one of that locality knows of Namboodhri’s age and past as he lives in that Hill for more

Story – Showers of Love

Two close friends, Anand and Sundar are at their final year of Post graduation. Anand is a passionate singer and fall in love with a beautiful girl Akila whom he meets at a inter college competition. Sundar helps Anand to collect details about Akila and informs that she is a only daughter of a super rich family also assures

Story – The Web

Vignesh, a technical geek, newly married, Working in Atomic Research Center located in New Delhi. He is in a very responsible post and only in-charge of controlled atomic emissions sector of the Center and hence he has the Key to initiate and execute the controlled atomic sequences in lab environment which otherwise may create a nuclear calamity. A anti social group supported by some Foreign

Story – High Tides

A top class Business Man, Deenadhayal is warned by his family astrologer that he has bad signs which can only be cured by marrying a pure woman and terminate her on the same day and do some poojas with the ash. His father is a blind follower of such things and urges his Son to accept the task.

Story – Agalya

All starts with a meeting at Commissioner’s office discussing on a priority issue – A poster printed with the text “Will Agalya be alive?” been pasted all over the City. Search begins to trace’ “Who is Agalya.? and What is the knot behind.?” Same time a few demands received by a Millionaire’s family just to stop the

Story – My Game and My Rules

The Game Begun The School The Name board was clearly legible at-least a 50 meters away from the Gate, “Government Higher Secondary School, Akkur.”. A funny combination of white letters running on a Blue background. Mounted between two concrete pillars, on top of that giant old creepy entrance gate. It was nothing but another typical