Relationship Goals – Love and Respect

Showing Love and Respect is the Soul of any relationship. Respect for others help one to learn about them and making the consents go mutual. What is the role of Respect in attaining an Eternal Relationship .? And How does the Love and Respect in a relationship blossoms, particularly when it is really lacking?

Relationship Goals – Giving Respect

Love and Respect for Others is the head of all virtues that strengthens a relationship. Relationships are typical bilateral bonds. But people tend to focus more on what they are Getting than What they are Giving. But mutual respect is best established when it is given.

Diplomacy Pays Respect

Spoken words are like spilled milk. Once gone, they are gone forever. So take a moment before you start firing. The moment of anger ruins the race.  Ask yourself if you really want to Abuse your partner when there is an excellent  alternative – longing for him/her to be more considerate of your needs? Be diplomatic. Trust me, you wont regret it.

Praise At Any Cost

Look at the Positive side of your Partner. Your spouse may Respect your partner for a healthy relationshiphave a bunch of down sides but in the same time, would have a measurable size of good thing too. Focus on that. After all who does not have down sides .? Never miss to appreciate such qualities even when the hell broke down. This is going to aid him/her to lower their defensive attitude and there blossoms a constructive Respectful Relationship.

Reassure your Limits

Your freedom on others is till their Nose, but not touching it. This is true even if it is your spouse. It can be either physical or Verbal or both. Give a thought to assess your limits on your partner and Never cross those boundaries.

Art of Adjusting

Be ready to give up on certain things in a race for establishing respectful relationships as long as it does not make you feel guilt. Adjusting from your end gives the much needed flexibility in a relationship that helps to stay centered. So let the little things go whenever you can.

To Err is Human

Be a man or woman of your actions. Stick to them even they fail or missed to fire as you expect and Be open for criticism. Admit your fault and Accept responsibility for your shortcomings. Let me call it again, Be a man/woman of your actions in attaining an everlasting respectful relationship.

The Words of Respect

Focus your complaints on objectives, such as saying, “I noticed the garbage still needs to be emptied.” If you don’t believe, Try this “Why the hell you didn’t clear the garbage yet?”. Get ready for the disaster and witness yourselves that there is no room for mutual respect.

Love and Respect

With your actions, make him or Her realize that they are your top most priority. Make sure in every possible way to let your partner know, how much they meant to you. That’s it. Rest of your relationship goals will be taken care of.

Relationship Goals – Getting Respect

The Self Valuation

Self-esteem is a virtue and part of every living human being. Its not about your superiority over others, your unshakable conviction that your thoughts, feelings and physic deserve Love and Respect. If you are truly convinced of your true value, others could no way doubt it.

Mutual respect is the backbone of a relationshipLiving with Honor

Being a Man of Honor seeks lots of selflessness. You don’t need to be a social Icon for that. Just do the little deserving sacrifices for your partner or for your kid that makes your spouse feel great of you.

Love and Respect Yourself

Make sure that your partner realize How important are your boundaries of wisdom for you. You should start respect your boundaries and hold firm on them. This really iterates anyone else about your stand on those areas and to not violate the same.

Stand up to your words

Breaking promises are like a piece of cake for many of us. What goes unrealized is that the hatred that plants in our partner’s mind. Over the period, it shakes the base of our relationship which eventually leads to a lack of love and respect.

Love and Respect are Bilateral

Give respect and Take Respect. Often people complain that they see nothing in their partner’s side worth to be respected for. When asking them back what they did to correct those misshapes, they often go without answers. All that takes to correct a mistake is a Positive and Constructive Feedback. Are you ready for that .? is a million dollar question.

In a basic sense, Love and Respect deals with the act of Realizing one’s own Value and Replicating the same on the others. When you could pull that off on your partner, it dissolves all the other relationship blocks from your way.

The Red Flags of “Lack of Love and Respect”

Lack of Respect ruins a relationship

There are certain actions ore behavior that clearly passes the signals of disrespect. For instance, you may observe one or many of the following in a relationship when there is no mutual respect.

  • Refusing to listen.
  • Mocking on simple issues
  • Abusive and Hurtful
  • Getting defensive
  • Blame Game
  • Ignoring repeatedly
  • Expressing indifference on a change

There is a final one-way resort when everything fails.?

Relationship Goals – The Move On :

The move on stage of a relationship

Ending a relationship is the hardest thing that one can imagine. Also its a courageous step that one gets into when there is no signs of alternatives. If you are in a relationship with unsolvable conflicts, you start to regret for your life. However, Moving on from a Fake Relationship that paid no respect for your esteem will bring you peace of mind, wisdom and, of-course, a chance for another healthier relationship.

Consolidate the Misshapes:

Its evident, by this time, you would have a handful of regretful situations or events of disrespect or at-least a few unforgivable moments of lack of love and respect. Sort those apparent reasons out and Prepare a list. It could be a physical or verbal abuse or a sort of infidelity or unavailability.

Considerate for Rebuilding:

  • Choose a private place with not much interruption.
  • Make it clear that your not here for a argument or quarrel.
  • Let your mind talk on the relationship issues that you faced or facing.
  • Explain your attempts for redressal to regain respect and How did they end in vein.
  • Be calm and to the point about your hurts and confusions.

Move on when all attempts failSeek for Help:

Professional advice on a dying relationship might bring a remarkable change. I have personally seen differences after a few courses of counselling. So, its worth to give a shot to get the relationship back on track.

Re-Evaluate the Relationship:

All the fore said steps for gaining the love and respect back in your relationship are done. So now the point is to check if your attempts have resulted any significant improvements in your partner’s behavior. If at all any visible signs of change observed, there is a chance for revival. Otherwise, its gone forever and Its the time to Move on from your relationship.

The “Move On” Resort:

Stay Away. Just stay away from your partner if he is making you feel guilt of whatever happened or at least never give him any room for any arrogant manipulations. Feel the unbound Love, freedom and thus resulted wisdom that just got in your way. Feel light and Move on to a whole new world of choices that is awaiting for your exploration.


Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!



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