Place Ads Wise & Earn Twice – Google Adsense Plugin – Must Know Facts

This post covers the ‘so far best’ and ‘trouble free’ way of placing Google ads in a website that are 100% Adsense Compliant.

Well, Let me guess, you got your Adsense Account by now. No.? What are you waiting for? Read the following Post before getting any further.

Adsense Approval Made Easy – 100% Fool Proof Techniques

Once your Adsense Account Approved, according to me, Anytime is the high time to start showing Ads in your website and Get paid for Clicks.

Come, lets explore some unique details of this “Placing Ads” game.

Traditional / Manual Procedure of adding Google Adsense Ads in a Website:

Gone are those days when we placed ads in a traditional way with boring Text widgets. Nevertheless, Let me summarize that procedure for the benefit of Old School lovers.

Steps to do with your Adsense Account

  1. Login to your Adsense Account
  2. Go to “My Ads” Tab
  3. Click on “New Ad Unit” Button
  4. Configure your choices like Ad Size and Ad Type. Give it some meaningful name (for easy tracking)
  5. Save it and Copy the generated Ad Code.

Google Heat Maps for Adsense Ads

Steps to do with Your Website

  1.  Add a Text Widget as allowed by your theme.
    1. Adsense Heat Map might provide a better idea of such placements.
  2. Paste the Ad Code Copied previously and Save it.
  3. Wait for some time to see Google Ads in Your Website.

Placing Ads using Google Adsense Heat Map :

I followed the Google’s Heat Maps and decided to go ahead with the following 3 places for content ads. The Idea here is to keep the ads as close as possible to the main content that you elaborate.

Placing Ads under Category Page:

  1. Under First Post Header
  2. Middle of Sidebar (Preferably Left Side)
  3. Under the Third Post Header.

Note, It’s wise to list maximum of 3 posts in a Category Page. So that,

  • There is enough Ad density across the Page
  • Ads are not crowded. i.e, As per Google, At any time of scrolling only One Ad should be visible (I have seen many deviate this rule. Still, better to cope with).

Placing Ads under Post Page:

  1. Above the First Paragraph
  2. Middle of Sidebar
  3. Above the Last Paragraph

So that, the above discussed objectives are achieved here too.

Do You Know : Why Google Ads Might Not Show Up on A Few Pages of Your Website?

Challenges / Issues of placing Google Ads Manually:

  • Many of the themes will not have Widget Areas of your choice.
    • As far as I know, Free themes have them only on Sidebar. So pitiful, isn’t it?
  •  You should risk editing the theme functions PHP files OR Should yourself get resorted to some 3rd party Plugin
    • In either ways, Its a pain in *** because
      • Your changes are lost with a new theme version update
        • Yes. Having a Child theme is an option, still not so handy, at-least for me.
      • No single plugin is consistent / complete in showing Ads in my experience.

Policy Violation Ban

  • If you fail in meeting any of the Google Adsense Guidelines and Policies such as ‘displaying more ads per page’ or ‘Not more than 3 content Ads per page’ .. etc.
    • That’s it. You can kiss goodbye to your Adsense Account. All gone with the wind.

So what is the best way of showing Ads? That are,

  • Google Adsense Compliant
  • Consistent in displaying Adverts
  • Trouble Free in a long run

The Answer is simple and straight forward : Google Adsense Plugin

Google Adsense Plugin

Google Adsense Plugin :

Download via your WP Plugin directory OR Download directly from Here.

Google Adsense Plugin has 3 key areas.

  • Automated Mobile Ads
  • Ad Manager
  • Webmaster Tools

Adsense Plugin Contents

Google Adsense Plugin – Automated Mobile Ads

This is one gem of an option from Google to place Ads in a mobile application with your website contents and Ads optimized.

Just one click Activation is all you need to do.

  1. Open the Plugins page.
  2. Open Google Adsense Plugin Settings.
  3. Enable “Use Automated Mobile Ads” Option.
  4. Ready For Mobile Ads message displays.
  5. That’s it. Your website on mobile browsers will show ads with flying colors.

Mobile Friendly Ads

Google Adsense Plugin – Webmaster Tools

Webmaster tools are atmost important for any web savvy to track his/her website performance and pull things in their way which would otherwise get unintended results.

Integrating webmaster tools with your website is a piece of cake with this Plugin.

Webmaster Tools Integration with Website

  1. Open the Plugins page.
  2. Open Google Adsense Plugin Settings.
  3. Under “Webmaster Tools” – Click on Manage Sites.
  4. Enter Google Credentials if needed.
  5. Add Your Website there if not added before.
  6. Website Added Successfully message appears under the Plugin settings.
  7. There you go. Webmaster tools and Its Services are just a click away.

Google Search Console Sample

Google Adsense Plugin – Ad Manager

The best ever method of displaying Google Ads in your website without worrying too much on ‘Google Adsense Policies and Conditions’ is Google Adsense Plugin.

  1. Open the Google Adsense Plugin page.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Click on Manage Ads button under Ad Manager.
    1. Ad Manager analyzes your website and shows the opt places for placing the ads.
    2. The beauty is that it provides a graphically represented Live Preview of your actual website.Ad Manager Integration to website
  4. Choose the places to enable ads by clicking the Red Circular Mark of your choice.
  5. You can configure the Following for every Ad independently.Ad Manager Optimization-options
    1. Ad Format
    2. Ad Type
  6. Pick the different options from drop down menu on Top Left as follows.
    1. Front Page
    2. Category
    3. Single Page
    4. Single Post
    5. Archive
  7. Configure the Ad positions individually for every option as listed above.AdManager for every Page of your website
  8. Save and Close
  9. That’s it.

Your website will start showing appropriate Google ads shortly.

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Good Luck and Feel free to share your experiences or Confront my Ideas!

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